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Development Contributions

When granting Planning Permission, the Council may impose conditions requiring a contribution from developers towards the Cost of Services, which facilitate development.

Development Contributions Scheme for the area within the Environs of Sligo Town – Scheme B (PDF) - 4,732 kbs

Development Contributions Scheme for the area within the County of Sligo and outside the Environs of Sligo Town – Scheme A (PDF) - 292 kbs  


Supplementary Development Contribution Scheme – Western Distributor Road

Sligo County Council, at its meeting held on the 19th May 2008 made a Supplementary Development Contribution Scheme in respect of the Western Distributor Road. 

Details of the contributions payable under the Supplementary Development Contribution Scheme for the area to which the scheme applies (as indicated on map, attached to scheme) are as follows:-

Description of DevelopmentAmount of Contribution
Residential development €2,900 per unit
Industrial / Business Development €100,062 per hectare
Commercial €25 per m² of floor space


Supplementary Development Contribution - Western Distributor Route (PDF) - 30 kbs  

Western Distributor Road Development Contribution Scheme Map (PDF) - 280 kbs