Civil Defence

Marion Davis
County Hall
Tel: 071 9142702 / 071 9111580
Fax: 071 9144036
Mob: 087 2522190

About Civil Defence

Sligo Civil Defence continues to ‘Meet the Challenges of a Changing World’ 

The organisation is widely regarded and respected by the local community, and has attracted many plaudits for the efficiency and professionalism with which it carries out its duties. 

Sligo Civil Defence personnel attend numerous events throughout the year, and provide first aid and ambulance cover at many important sporting and community events.

Volunteers are trained in a range of skills and techniques, and they have been an important presence at events such as the Irish Open, National Ploughing Championships, Queen Elizabeths visit and President Obama’s visit to Ireland.

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer should contact Sligo Civil Defence Officer Marion Davis or download Civil Defence Enrolment Form (PDf) - 80 kbs .  Training classes are held in six centres throughout the county, and are open to people between the ages of 18 and 65.