The Development of a Diaspora Strategy for County Sligo (2018-2022)

It is widely recognised that Diaspora engagement is a critical component in local economic, social and community development in Ireland as outlined in Global Irish – Irelands Diaspora’s Policy”.  As well as reaching out to the Diaspora on a national level there is potential for local communities and counties in Ireland to reach out to their own Diaspora and build new relationships, to benefit local and regional development.

At local level it is an action in the Sligo Local Economic Community Plan 2016-2021 to develop ways of linking with our Diaspora to build mutually beneficial linkages through networks and involvement of other agencies.  (Action 1.6.1 – 1.6.5).

Sligo County Council is working with counties Leitrim, Longford and Roscommon on a joint approach to Diaspora Development and each county is in the process of developing their own county strategies which will set out a detailed road map for Diaspora engagement at local level. 

Following a tender process Venturei Network, Dungannon Co. Tyrone are working with each of the counties to develop their individual strategies and to explore areas for future synergies.  In the context of the Strategy, Diaspora is defined as individuals who have their origins/roots in Sligo.  We will also have regard to the “Affinity Diaspora” i.e. those who have come to Sligo in last 15 years and have since returned home, but still retain a bond with Sligo


How can you help us?

As part of the development process, the Council is trying to get a picture of the Diaspora related work already in place in the county.  Your assistance is requested to help identify the various Diaspora networks/groups and databases already in place in County Sligo.  To feed into this process we would be grateful if you would take a few minutes to complete this online questionnaire.


The survey will be open for submissions until 16th March, 2018 and we look forward to hearing from you.

Should you require any further details you can contact Antoinette Carney on 071 9114430 or email acarney@sligococo.ie