N59 Corhawnagh to Crockacullion Road Improvement

Public Consultation – Route Selection – Refined Route Options

Sligo County Council commenced the Route Selection Process for the N59 Corhawnagh to Crockacullion Road Improvement Scheme in the autumn of 2017 with the development of a Constraints Study Area.  Being mindful of identified significant constraints, the Design Team established six ‘Feasible Route Options’ and these options were put on public display as part of Public Consultation No 1 in October 2018.

A multi-disciplinary ‘Preliminary Options Assessment’ was subsequently completed on those six ‘Feasible Route Options’ which included examination of over 15 specialist topics including Road Safety, Traffic, Engineering, Costs, Socio Economic, Noise & Vibration, Air Quality, Agricultural Property, Non - Agricultural Property, Ecology, Hydrology and Hydro Geology, Soils and Geology, Landscape and Visual, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage and Architectural Heritage.  Submissions made by the public during and after Public Consultation No. 01 were also taken into consideration.

The result of the above mentioned assessment is a ‘Refinement of Route Options’.  This includes a refinement both in terms of the overall number of the initial ‘Feasible Route Options’ and in terms of localised design modifications to some of those which remain.  The resulting four ‘Refined Route Options’ are outlined broadly on the map below.  It is now proposed to subject these four remaining options, to a further more detailed appraisal process.

It should be noted, that the ‘Refined Route Options’ remain a Work in Progress.  As more detailed information becomes available, the design of the ‘Refined Route Options’ and subsequently the emerging ‘Preferred Route’, will evolve and change in certain areas.  These design changes may include; adjustments to the alignment and additional ancillary infrastructure namely drainage networks, farm/domestic access tracks etc. 

The National Roads Project Office will endeavour to keep the public informed of these changes as they develop.  

July2019_Publicity Mapping_Brochure Refined Route Options
Public Consultation - Route Selection - Refined Route Options (PDF) - 2,577 kbs  PDF

An Interim Public Consultation (No. 02) period has now commenced and a public display of the four refined routes were made available to the public at Corhownagh Parish Centre, Ballysadare, Co. Sligo on the 4th July 2019 where detailed large scale drawings of the ‘Refined Route Options’ were available for inspection.  The aforementioned information may continue to be inspected during office hours from the 5th of July to the 16th of August, 2019 at the offices of:

Sligo County Council, County Hall, Riverside, Sligo; and

Sligo County Council, National Roads Project Office, Business Centre, Market Yard, Sligo

Alternatively, the drawings are available for download below.

The purpose of this consultation period will be to inform the public of the four ‘Refined Route Options’.  It should be noted that questionnaires do not form part of this consultation, however further submissions from the public are encouraged.  The deadline for receipt of submissions will be Friday the 16th of August at 4pm.  Submissions should be returned to:

Kevin Crawley, Project Engineer, National Roads Project Office, Business Centre, Market Yard, FREEPOST, Sligo, F91 WV7R.

Alternatively email to N59RIS@sligococo.ie.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Project Engineer at 071 91 11973.

Tom Kilfeather,
Director of Infrastructural Services 

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Maps_July2019 Photo 2
Maps_July2019 Photo 3
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Assessment overview - Option A - v2 (PDF) - 1,668 kbs  PDF
Assessment overview - Option E - v1 (PDF) - 1,630 kbs  PDF
Assessment overview - Option E - v2 (PDF) - 1,661 kbs  PDF
Assessment overview - Option F - v2 (PDF) - 1,745 kbs  PDF