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Installing a Composter

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Installing a Composter

Install a composter 1 

Step 1:
Ideally your composter should be installed into the ground and not simply placed on top of the grass.

Install a composter 2

Step 2:
Start by cutting a circle of turf the same size as the base of your composter.

Install a composter 3

Step 3:
Work around the base with a space cutting to a depth of no less than 5 inches.

Install a composter 4

Step 4:
Remove the sod in sections.

Install a composter 5

Step 5:
Dig the exposed earth to loosen and break up compacted soil.

Install a composter 6

Step 6:
Place the composter into position.

Install a composter 7

Step 7:
Replace the sods to fit snuggly to the composter.

Install a composter 8

Step 8:
Press down each sod, remembering to leave a gap for the hatch.

Install a composter 9

Step 9:
Now add your organic waste. Make the first layer from brown organics (leaves/hay/straw/newspaper). Then simply dispose of organics as you generate them.