1998 Sligo Rovers Team Honoured with Civic Reception

1998 Sligo Rovers Team Honoured with Civic Reception Cathaoirleach Councillor Michael Clarke making a presentation to Steve Birks, Team Captain of the 1998 Sligo Rovers team

The Cathaoirleach of Sligo County Council Councillor Michael Clarke hosted a Civic Reception in County Hall for the 1998 Sligo Rovers League Cup winning team.

In addition to the Cathaoirleach, the audience was addressed by Mary McGowan, 1998 Club Secretary and Conor O’Grady, Sligo Rovers Head of Academy and 1998 team member.


The Cathaoirleach said ‘Sligo Rovers supporters take great pride in their history and heritage.  It is a club rooted in the community, drawing its loyal support from town and county and beyond.


For many years Rovers supporters were starved of success, and when silverware did come their way, it was celebrated with great joy. 

Anyone familiar with Rovers history will know the special regard our supporters have for 'a run in the Cup'.

The League Cup success of 1998 was extra special as it was Rovers first time to win the trophy.

Cathaoirleach & Nicky Reid 1998 Sligo Rovers Manager Nicky Reid making a presentation to Cathaoirleach Councillor Michael Clarke


The League Cup success of 1998 was extra special as it was Rovers first time to win the trophy.

That makes the group of people we honour here this evening very special.  If a team can be said to derive its style and character from their manager, we were very fortunate to have a man of the calibre of Nicky Reid.

Nicky is a gentleman to his fingertips, but his ability and passion as a manager was the inspiration for this wonderful campaign.  Every successful team needs strong personalities, and the Rovers league cup winning team was blessed with them. 


First and foremost, I have to commend captain Steve Birks.  His leadership and determination were simply inspirational, and he led his team with pride, courage and skill.

It is very much in keeping with Sligo Rovers ethos and tradition that we fondly remember the heroes of our past, to continue to honour their successes to inform current generation of supporters.

As we honour the 1998 team, we also commend the dedicated volunteers who work discreetly behind the scenes without fuss or fanfare to keep the show on the road.

Steve Birks & CE Martin Lydon 1998 Sligo Rovers Captain Steve Birks making a presentation to CE Martin Lydon


1998 Club Secretary Mary McGowan said ‘1998 was a great year for our club’ and that it was great to see so many of the team present.  Mary commended Nicky Reid, who initially joined the club as a player and within weeks was given the managers job.  Together with Chris and Fago, they moulded a team which won the League Cup, in a final in which they were very much the underdogs, against Shelbourne.


‘It was a great year and all of you will always be a part of Sligo Rovers history.’  Mary remembered all those involved in the team who are no longer with us including Mark Rooney whose wife Natalie and sons Zach and Oscar were in attendance.


Mary acknowledged the help of Sligo County Council in the phenomenal changes that have taken place in the last 25 years to the Showgrounds.

Mary McGowan & Conor O'Grady Conor O'Grady, Sligo Rovers Head of Academy & 1998 team member making a presentation to Mary McGown, 1998 Club Secretary


Conor O’Grady, Sligo Rovers Head of Academy and 1998 team member, paid tribute to the 1998 squad by stating they moulded him into the player he became.  He continued saying that ‘there was a lot of real quality in that dressing room and sometimes that gets overlooked.  I was very proud to be involved in that team.’

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