Harbour Office

Sligo is the most northerly commercial port on the west coast of Ireland.  The national roads, N15, N16 and N4 converge at the city of Sligo, which has recently attained Gateway status.  The newly-completed Inner Review Road provides easy access to the harbour.  The nearest Airport (Strandhill) is located five miles from the city and flights to and from Dublin operate on a daily basis.

Harbour Facilities:

Sligo is the only working harbour between Galway and Derry.  Two working jetties (Deepwater and Barytes) handle cargoes of coal, timber, fish meal and scrap.  The Deepwater Jetty is 77m long and the Barytes Jetty 55m.  Ships of 3,500 tonnes, can be accommodated.  The maximum draught for vessels is 5.2m, maximum length 110m with bow thrusters and 100m without bow thruster.

Work is currently underway on the installation of a floating pontoon at the Timber Jetty.  This will allow leisure craft to berth within easy reach of the city and enable local operators to run sight-seeing and fishing trips around Sligo Bay and Innis Murray, which will enhance the tourism potential of Sligo.


  • Cranes are available for hire for loading and unloading cargo.

Tide Tables:

  • Tide Tables may be purchased from the Harbour Office.

The Deepwater Rambler

Hawk’s Well Theatre recently staged a most memorable event, ‘The Deepwater Rambler’. Celebrating Sligo’s rich maritime heritage; audiences were treated to a new play written by actor, writer and director, Bob Kelly and historical talks in the unique setting of Sligo docklands. The project was made possible by funding from the Heritage Council

The Hawk’s Well Theatre began planning the multifaceted event in spring 2018 and collaborated with The Metal Mariners boatbuilding collective, County Sligo Heritage & Genealogy Centre, Sligo County Council & Port Of Sligo staff to create the event. On the project Playwright Bob Kelly explained “It’s a privilege to have been asked to write a piece of theatre in response to Sligo’s docklands by the Hawk’s Well Theatre. The quays were for many years the heart of Sligo, and they have borne witness to innumerable colourful characters, tearful farewells, and industrial disputes. It’s my aim in this piece to reflect on that sense of memory, that loss; our rich and varied past that we can do tribute to, but never justice to.”

Audiences walked in glorious autumnal sunshine to Deepwater quay for the rehearsed reading of the new play. The location is normally closed to the public as it is used for commercial shipping of coal, fishmeal & timber and on this occasion was transformed into a stage. Actor and core member of Blue Theatre Raincoat Company, Ciaran McCauley; Martin Maguire (star of Red Rock, TV3 & RTE’s The Clinic) and talented violinist and Waterboys member, Steve Wickham cast a spell over all gathered.

Audience reaction was instantly favourable “Kudos to all associated with this production of 'The Deepwater Rambler' on a glorious Sunday at the Port of Sligo's Deepwater Quay, what a setting! Here's hoping this excellent creative staging initiative provides a positive catalyst for increased public re-focus on the resurgence of The Port of Sligo as a successful commercially viable port as referenced today by its dedicated, hardworking, committed and forward thinking present Harbour Master John Carton. Let us reignite its undoubted potential. Is Feidir Linn!” said Liam Gannon “It was a wonderful and moving production and we are indebted to the cast: Martin Maguire, Ciaran McCauley and Steve Wickham and particularly to the Hawk’s Well Theatre… Well done to all who made the event such a memorable occasion.” Cllr Declan Bree. “It was amazing and definitely something I'll remember for a long time. Such a stunning backdrop of Benbulben with various bits of pieces of Sligo's quay and shipping history. Thank you to everyone involved it was an unbelievable and unforgettable performance.” Adrian O’ Neill.

The staff of the Hawk’s Well were visibly delighted at the reaction to the event. “The theatre aims to present inspiring, imaginative and engaging performances that reflect the vibrant culture of our community. Underneath the busy modern exterior of Port Of Sligo is centuries of stories and experiences which shaped the world around us. It was wonderful to see audiences make a connection with the physical space and our shared heritage through the power of theatre. Thanks to Bob Kelly’s skilful writing we journeyed into the heart and soul of those whose lives were wholly interwoven and depended on the sea. Thank you to the Heritage Council’s generosity in enabling this event.” Said Deirdre Melvin on behalf of the Hawk’s Well.

Audiences received a souvenir programme that included a bespoke introduction to the Port Of Sligo by popular historian & author John McTernan. This production in Sligo Port will be sure to live on in the hearts of those who attended for years to come.

Ship Waste Reception & Handling Plan

For information on Waste disposal at The Port of Sligo under the control of Sligo County Council, please consult the link below.

Port of Sligo - Waste Reception and Handling Plan v5 July23 (PDF) - 1,685 kbs  PDF