Requirements of Waste Collectors




  1. In accordance with Waste Collection Permits, it is a requirement for all Waste Collectors operating in the Sligo area to implement an education and awareness programme outlining the new changes to waste management practice in Sligo.   
  2. Waste Collectors must continue to implement a ‘Pay by Weight’ and ‘Pay by Use’ system for kerbside collection in the County.  A clear pricing structure must be made available to all customers.  It is a requirement of all Waste Collection Permits to ensure the brown bin is incentivised and measures put in place to maximise waste recycling and recovery.   
  3. Waste Collectors must roll out the required changes of providing micro-chipped or bar coded waste receptacles to all customers ensuring that all of their customers have a three bin segregated system if living in the specified area for organic waste collection or a two bin segregated system if living outside of the specified areas (in accordance with the Fifth Schedule of the Bye-Laws).  
  4. Waste Collectors are obliged to cease the sale of bags and tags to retail outlets from 3rd February 2014 to allow customers who have a number of bags purchased to use these remaining bags over the month of February.   
  5. Waste Collectors are obliged to ensure that all changes have been made with their customers by 4th March 2014.   
  6. Correct size waste receptacles for each waste stream must be provided to each customer taking into account the size, space and occupancy of the household.   
  7. Waste Collectors are required to update all collection trucks with the required technology to record the tonnages, date, time etc of each segregated waste stream collected via kerbside collection.  As well as operating recycling collection trucks and general waste collection trucks only, many Waste Collectors have already updated their fleet by incorporating split collection trucks into their service.  This means that both recycling and general waste can be collected at the same time.  This is a more efficient way of carrying out business for the Collector and also adds some convenience to customers where all waste can be presented for collection on the same day.   
  8. Waste Collectors are obliged to ensure an efficient waste disposal recording system is incorporated into the company’s daily operations to ensure all customers have the required information to ensure they are compliant with waste management practice in Sligo.   
  9. Waste Collectors are obliged to refuse any contaminated waste streams e.g. too much organic waste in the general waste stream etc.  It is up to the Waste Collector to put the necessary measures in place to refuse these waste receptacles e.g. stickers on bins outlining reason for collection refusal.  If this is a regular occurrence from a household, Waste Collectors must inform Sligo Local Authorities of same.  Enforcement Staff will then carry out the necessary inspections and enforcement measures as necessary.   
  10. In exceptional circumstances where customers are not within a reasonable distance of a service collection route, alternative methods of presentation is acceptable whereby these customers contact their Waste Collector and seek approval from Sligo County Council.   
  11. Waste Collectors must report any non-compliances of the Bye-Laws to Sligo Local Authorities in regard to holiday houses, apartment blocks/complexes, any commercial outlet etc.   
  12. Civic Amenity Sites must be updated to ensure an efficient receipting system is made available for customers outlining tonnage, date, time and waste type which has been brought to the premises for correct disposal.