Waste Bye-Laws (Household)

Sligo County Council adopted Bye-Laws at the November 2013 Council meeting which became law in Sligo from 4th December 2013.  From this date, a three month phasing in period was built into the Bye-Laws to allow for all the required changes to take place in Sligo. 

The new Waste Management Bye-Laws were developed in order to regulate the storage, presentation and collection of household and commercial waste within the County.  It will help in addressing the growing problems of unaccounted for household waste arisings, illegal dumping, fly-tipping and burning of waste, which have been encountered throughout the County. 

By tightening up on waste management practice in Sligo, we work towards a more efficient system of recovering all waste types, departmental returns and meeting required EU targets.

What does this mean for…

What items can I place in my bin?

Click on a bin below for an itemised list.

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To find out if you are within a Specified Area for third bin collection, click into an area line below to download the map. If your home is located within the shaded area of the map, you are obliged to incorporate a three bin waste segregated system at your household:

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Permitted Waste Collectors Operating in Sligo

Barna Waste - http://www.barnarecycling.com
Greenstar Ltd - http://www.greenstar.ie
Donegal Waste Disposal Ltd - http://www.donegalwasteandrecycle.com
McGrath Waste Disposal Ltd - http://www.mcgrathwaste.ie
Loftus Recycling - http://www.loftusrecycling.com

What is General household Waste?

General refuse should only consist of waste that cannot be recovered or recycled e.g. material left-over after the householder has reduced, reused, recycled and composted as much as possible.  It is this general household waste that normally ends up in a landfill site or at an incinerator.  Currently, too much material ends up in landfills and many of Ireland’s landfill sites are nearly full.  Household waste can either be collected by a Waste Collector or deposited directly at a licensed facility.

Household Waste collection Services in Sligo 

Waste collection services were privatised in County Sligo in the mid 1990s and in Sligo Town in 2002.  Private companies permitted by the Local Authority provide general refuse collections across County Sligo.  All Collectors operate a pay-by-use service. 

Bin-Sharing is an option for two households to come together sharing the same bins and waste account.  Financial maintenance of this account will be up to both households.  To avail of this option, you must complete a Declaration Form which can be obtained by contacting Sligo County Council or downloading below:

Bin Sharing Application Form (PDF) - 10 kbs  PDF