Sustainable Energy Communities

To help communities work toward decarbonisation, Sligo County Council has been assisting communities by facilitating the Sustainable Energy Communities programme, which is run by the SEAI.

Each SEC is required to create an Energy Masterplan which details their communities’ specific characteristics, energy requirements and plans for the future. Whilst this Energy Masterplan is specifically designed for the recipient community, all SECs are working towards three common goals:

Use less energy

Energy efficiency is the cheapest and most straightforward way for a community to become more sustainable. Most communities have buildings with old or outdated insulation, lighting or heating systems.

Use clean energy

Switching from fossil fuels to renewables is the next step where possible. This can be by way of renewable heating systems, changing energy suppliers, or generating energy.

Use smart energy

Technology gives us more control over how we heat homes, drive cars, or light buildings. Where suitable, communities can use these technologies to complement their other actions.

Thus far, Sligo County Council has provided bridge-funding to several SEC’s, including the Strandhill SEC, who have completed their Energy Master Plan (EMP) with the help of Global Green Ltd. Their finalised EMP can be viewed here.

South Sligo Energy Partnership also recently completed their EMP.


SEAI - Sustainable Energy Communities Programme