Sligo County Council is delighted to be taking part in the SCORE Project, an EU funded research project lead by ATU Sligo.

SCORE is concerned with the Smart Control Of Climate Resilience, and focuses on empowering coastal communities to build resilience to climate risks using smart technology and cocreation of solution.

Sligo is one of 10 European coastal cities taking part in the project, with a specialised focus on protecting our unique and invaluable sand dune ecosystems. We will also be collaborating and learning from the other European cities on innovative ways of dealing with issues such as flooding, heatwaves and severe storms.

The project requires the contributions and participation from local communities and stakeholders, which is being facilitated through the Sligo Coastal City Living Lab (CCLL). Members of the CCLL will be asked to gather data using low-cost sensors and contribute local knowledge, which will help inform research and council policy surrounding coastal resilience. Members of the CCLL will also be encouraged to share their areas of concern and ideas for interventions with the team as a way of cocreating solutions to the specific issues of their area.

Aside from local communities, the CCLL is also composed of representatives from the NPWS, An Taisce’s Clean Coasts, GSI, academics and local business owners.

Further information on the project can be found here.