Sligo County Council introduces E-Planning

Throughout 2022, Sligo County Council has been working closely with the LGMA (Local Government Management Association) on the introduction of a major initiative to bring the planning application process online.  The current process for members of the public, developers or agents to make planning applications is in hard copy format, often including substantial volumes of documents, maps, drawings, newspaper notices, etc.  This is a costly process, not environmentally friendly and is highly labour intensive for both staff and applicants.

The project aims to improve efficiency, reduce the potential for invalid applications and deliver on the government strategy to move more public services online.  The project is being delivered on a phased basis with development, testing, training and roll out of system features and functionality to be implemented in a step-by-step process.

This e-planning initiative will integrate the IT systems of all Planning Authorities using a single online portal allowing for the online submission of planning applications, appeals, submissions and associated fees.  The portal is easy to use and moves the process into an updated, paperless, environmentally friendly positive step forward which will be welcomed by all involved in the planning process.

The Planning Authority of Sligo County Council is proposing to ‘go live’ with E-Planning on Thursday 15th December 2022. 

FAQ's (PDF) - 277 kbs  PDF
User Guide (PDF) - 1,601 kbs  PDF
Log on to the E-Planning Website - https://planning.localgov.ie/