Pay for Parking

You can now pay for parking as follows:

  1. Pay through Parking Tag
  2. Pay and Display

1.  Pay through Parking Tag

Paying for your parking in Sligo has never been easier. Parking Tag is a fast and convenient way to pay for parking using your mobile phone. No more fumbling for change and you can extend your parking time without returning to the parking meter if you are delayed.

Park Regularly? Set up an auto top up account and charge the parking fee to your Parking Tag account via our handy app, text message or by phone.

Alternatively you can Park One Off online or by SMS, and charge the parking fee to your debit or credit card or even your mobile bill.

Or you can pay at any business or retail premises where you see the Pink Payzone sign displayed on their window.

Full details on how to register are available at or phone 0818 300 161.

Pay with Parking Tag Locations -
Parking Meters Map - 6,692 kbs  PDF

2.  Pay and Display Parking in Sligo

Sligo County Council continue to have Pay and Display Parking Meters in Sligo City.  50 meters have been installed throughout the city at designated locations. The new meters are designed to accept payment for parking by euro coins.  Parking meters will only accept 10c, 20c, 50c, 1euro, 2 euro coins.  Most parking metres also accept credit cards (see displays on parking meters for details).

NOTE:  The Parking Meters will not give change so it will be necessary to have the correct fee to hand.


Please note the Pay and Display parking meters will allow the purchase of parking tickets in advance.

A parking ticket permitting parking from 8.30 am in the morning may be purchased outside the hours of operation that is after 18.30 pm – 12 midnight the previous evening for the next day when the parking controls are again in operation.  Parking tickets can also be purchased at the daily parking meters for one week by inserting the correct amount of money.

A customer can also purchase an Annual or Monthly Parking Permit for daily or hourly car parks. Enquires to Finance Section, Sligo County Council on Telephone 071 911 1111, email 


The Pay and Display meter provides the motorists with a receipt to display on the windshield of the vehicle which can also be used as proof of payment.  Please ensure that the parking ticket is displayed correctly to avoid getting a traffic fine.