Online Interviews - Guidance for Candidates

Candidates are required to adhere to the following criteria when participating in online interviews with Sligo County Council:



Sligo County Council carries out online interviews via Microsoft Teams.  Candidates should ensure that they are able to access MsTeams via laptop or other suitable device. 



Candidates are required to scan their photo identification (e.g passport, driver’s licence, etc.).   to HR/ Recruitment in advance of the interview date.  This will then be provided to the Interview Chair to confirm identification at interview.


Lobby Feature

When candidates log in to Microsoft Teams for their interview, they will be admitted to a " lobby" where they will wait until they are given permission to join the meeting and "let in" by an interview board member or a member of the HR Recruitment Team.


Advance Preparation with the Candidate

All candidates will be contacted, in advance of recruitment interviews by HR/Recruitment and will be offered an opportunity to test their MS Teams functionality and connection.



It is recommended that candidates should log onto the meeting 10 minutes in advance to avoid delays to the interview schedule and to allow adequate time to check sound and camera/video setup.  



Candidates should ensure that the location for interview is quiet in order to avoid disruption. Candidates should also ensure that they have drinking water available for during the interview.



Candidates should turn off all other devices in the room to avoid feedback; there should be no texting or emailing during the interview. Also, ensure that no other applications or programmes are open on the PC or laptop as they may interrupt the connection.



Candidates are advised that interviews are not recorded by Sligo County Council.  Candidates are not permitted to record the interview as the Interview Board have not consented to recording. Any breach of this will lead to cessation of their interview and removal from the competition process.



Candidates are recommended to speak clearly and slowly, at a regular volume. Remember to allow for any possible time delay and wait a few seconds before speaking to ensure talking over the interviewer does not occur.

The use of headphones is recommended for candidates when using a laptop or PC, as it reduces any sound issues.


Use of Microphone/Camera

Candidates should not use the mute function unless absolutely necessary and should ensure that their camera is on at all times. The interview board members may mute themselves, or turn off their camera, when they are not questioning the candidate, however, candidates should be aware that the board members will be listening and considering all information provided by the candidate, regardless of whether it is provided in response to another board member.


Connection Problems

Candidates are required to ensure that the location they choose for their interview has an adequate broadband/internet connection, which is strong enough to facilitate an online interview.  If a connection problem does occur during, or immediately in advance of the interview, candidates should contact the HR Office via telephone and all attempts will be made to establish/re-establish the connection.  If attempts to re-connect fail at that time, the Council may consider re-scheduling the interview to another time slot if one is available, taking account of the availability of the interview board, number of other candidates scheduled, etc.  The candidate may have to consider moving to another location, with better internet access, for the re-scheduled interview.  If there is a repeated loss of connection, the interview may have to be cancelled and the candidate deemed withdrawn from the competition.


Online Interviews - Guidance for Candidates (PDF) - 112 kbs  PDF