Council Tenants

When the Council allocates you a dwelling, you become not just a tenant, but a member of the community in which you live. The Council encourages you to become actively involved in your estate. The Council aims to provide a better level of service in its estates, and to encourage tenant involvement.

The first step in this process of communication is the involvement of tenants in a pre-tenancy training course. This course provides tenants with relevant information on Council and other services in the area. To this end, each new tenant is provided with a copy of the Tenant Handbook (PDF) - 1,344 kbs The course also provides a forum where people can meet their neighbours and an opportunity to establish resident associations. 

Resident Associations always need new people to become involved, if residents or tenants have suggestions or observations concerning the workings of the resident committee.

We want you as a tenant to participate and have a say in the day to day running of your estate. Don’t leave it to the Council, join in by working through your tenants association, and help make your estate a better place to live. We will listen to what you have to say, after all you are the expert in local knowledge. It is your estate.  You have a say.

For further information or assistance please contact the Council’s Housing Section

Applications Forms
English As Gaelige
English As Gaelige
1   Application for Succession of Tenancy - 103 kbs Iarratas ar Chomharbas Tionóntachta - 98 kbs
2   Application Form for Permission to Reside in a Council Owned /Leased Property & Inclusion on the Household Rent Account (PDF) - 143 kbs  
3   Application for Transfer to Alternative Accommodation (PDF) - 300 kbs    
4   Differential Rent Review Form 2022 (PDF) - 137 kbs  
5   Differential Rent Scheme 2020 (PDF) - 978 kbs  
6   Policy Directions Relating to Local Authority Rent Schemes - 12 kbs  
7   Anti-Social Behaviour Policy - 140 kbs  
Tenancy Allocations  
Acceptance / Non-Acceptance of Tenancy (PDF) - 38 kbs Glacadh / Neamhghlacadh le Tionóntacht Shealadach (PDF) - 39 kbs
Sligo County Council Allocation Scheme (PDF) - 208 kbs    
Application for an Extension to a Local Authority House - 35 kbs Foirm Iarratais ar Shíneadh ar Theach Údaráis Áitiúil - 38 kbs
Tenant Purchase Scheme  
Tenant Purchase Application Form (PDF) - 163 kbs  
Tenant Information Handbook (PDF) - 310 kbs