County Development Plan review - current stage

(last updated on 20/05/2022)


22 April 2022 – SEA Scoping completed

As the Sligo County Development Plan 2023-2029 will cover an area with a population exceeding 10,000 persons, Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is required by the Planning and Development (SEA) Regulations (as amended) to be undertaken on the Plan.

The SEA Scoping Report communicates and defines the scope of the environmental issues which are to be dealt with by the SEA, together with the level of detail to which it is intended to address these issues, as per the SEA Guidelines. It has been informed by SEA consultations with environmental authorities.

View the SEA Scoping Report (PDF) - 703 kbs  PDF

7 March 2022 - The Members of Sligo County Council directed the Chief Executive to prepare the Draft Sligo County Development Plan 2023-2029

After pre-draft consultation has been carried out, the role of the elected members is to consider the recommendations contained within the First Chief Executive’s Report on submissions and to issue a direction to the Chief Executive regarding the preparation of the Draft Development Plan.

The Planning Act states that any such direction “must be strategic in nature, consistent with the draft core strategy as well as taking account of the statutory obligations of the local authority and relevant policies and objectives of the Government or of any Minister of the Government”.

There are 34 sets of Chief Executive’s recommendations made in response to issues raised in the 90 submissions, with a total of 94 specific indications to be considered in the preparation of the Draft Plan.

The most significant commitments are:

  • to prepare the Draft CDP 2023-2029 using the methodologies recommended in the Draft Development Plan Guidelines for Planning Authorities (DHLGH, August 2021);
  • to carry out an infrastructural assessment of all existing zoned land in the County;
  • to prepare a Local Transport Plan for the Sligo Regional Growth Centre Strategic Plan Area;
  • to include strategic frameworks, zoning and objectives maps for all previously planned-for settlements in County Sligo (i.e. Sligo and Environs, Ballymote, Enniscrone, Tobercurry and the 32 villages subject to mini-plans)
  • to carry out a Housing Need and Demand Assessment;
  • to prepare an updated Landscape Character Assessment;
  • to prepare a Renewable Energy Strategy.

At their ordinary meeting on 7 March 2022, the elected members of Sligo County Council noted the First Chief Executive’s Report and resolved to direct the Chief Executive to prepare the Draft County Development Plan 2023-2029.

The resolution can be viewed here –  Members direct the CE to prepare Draft Plan - Signed Resolution - Item 13 - Ord. Meeting - 07.03.2022 (PDF) - 862 kbs


Stages completed to date

  1. Notice of Development Plan review was given to the public and the prescribed bodies on 30 July 2021.
  2. Pre-draft consultation took place from 30 July to 24 September 2021, based on an Issues Paper (PDF) - 11,156 kbs   
  3. The First Chief Executive’s Report on submissions and observations was submitted to members on 22 December 2021 - Chief Executive’s Report (PDF) - 3,260 kbs
  4. Members directed the Chief Executive to prepare the Draft CDP 2023-2029 on 7 March 2022.


What happens next?

The Development Planning Unit of Sligo County Council is currently working on the preparation of the Draft Sligo County Development Plan 2023-2029.  Once a Proposed Draft Plan is completed, it will be submitted to the elected members for approval prior to publication for the next stage of consultation.

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