Risk Assessment

The new approach to Major Emergency Management involves a five-stage systems approach including:

  • Hazard Analysis / Risk Assessment
  • Mitigation / Risk Management
  • Planning and Preparedness
  • Co-ordinated Response; and
  • Recovery

Hazard Analysis / Risk Assessment is a process where the hazards facing the community are identified and assessed in terms of the risk which they pose.

Initially, Sligo Local Authority is responsible for undertaking the risk assessment process from its own perspective. The information from each Principal Response Agency1 (PRA‟s) was provided to the North West Region Major Emergency Regional Working Group (NWR ME RWG)2 who undertook to produce a regional risk assessment from an inter-agency perspective. The relevant outcomes from the regional process were then incorporated into Sligo Local Authority‟s Major Emergency Plan.

The primary purpose of the Risk Assessment is to establish priorities for Major Emergency Planning.

Sligo Local Authorities Risk Assessment (PDF) - 1,394 kbs