Fire Service Training

There is a very strict training regime in the Fire Brigade as is necessitated by the sometimes difficult and dangerous environment in which fire-fighters work.  Fire-fighters undergo over 100 hours training every year, this includes the latest advances in techniques used to tackle the fires known as “flashover” and “backdraft” and the latest methods of extraction of casualties from vehicles involved in incidents.  This is particularly important in view of the advances in active safety technology employed in the modern car, airbags and seatbelt tensioning do save lives the instant an accident occurs but can pose a serious threat to rescue personnel.

The brigade now holds “block” RTA training over a number of days, in which the necessary skills are learnt and practised.

The Breathing Apparatus training centre has been modernised with the installation of a “gas fire system”, this is used to train staff in proper search and rescue techniques and in the use of Breathing Apparatus in fire situations.

Local industries have also facilitated the Brigade in carrying out Pre-Fire Training in which various type of incidents are staged and training undertaken so that should a similar incident occur the Brigade will have the necessary skills and resources needed to deal with it in an efficient and professional manner. 

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