Emergency Calls

If an emergency occurs dial 999 or 112. Give the following information: 

  • Who you are: Give your name and telephone number
  • Where you are at: Give your location and include the county that you are in
  • What you have: Give a brief account of the situation, what’s involved and how many people are involved
  • What do you want: Give the type of services that you feel may be required  eg. Ambulance, fire brigade
  • Important:  Be the last to hang up the phone. Wait until the  person on the other side hangs up first.

Do you know that not all mobile phones accept 999 as the emergency number. Some will only accept 112. Please check the data with your phone. Remember this little detail could make a difference at the time of an emergency

Civil Defence are a 2nd line emergency service. In an emergency the Gardai must be contacted first, who will in turn call Civil Defence to assist where needed.