2022 Road Works Programme

In accordance with the provisions of the above legislation, notice is hereby given that it is the intention of Sligo County Council to temporarily close the following public roads to through traffic for the purpose of facilitating works associated with the 2022 Road Works Programme.

Temporary Road Closure on each road will operate for a period of 3 to 5 days between 16th March, 2022 to 1st December, 2022.


Road No. Townland 
L-1802 Derrynaskeagh
L-81101 Clogher
L-5802 Greenan
L-1601 Templehouse
L-15017 Rathdooney Beg
R284 Glen school
R284 Glen Church
R284 Geevagh
L-59041 Derrynaslieve
L-5904 Knockmore
L-53023 Annacarthy
L-1301 Cartronduffy
L-1303 Coola
R284 Ballinakill
L-5503 Lissaneena
L-5501 Newpark
L-5713 Lisgullaun
L-51023 Knockroe
L-4102 Sroove
l-1401 Cooperhill
L-5201 Rooghan
R296 Ballybrennan
L-5204 Drumee
L-5401 Ougham
L-1403 Bellarush
L-5802 Grennan
L-4201 Culfadda
L-5202 Cloonagh
L6802-0 (3) Carrowgavneen, Gortakeerin, Seeviness, Rathosey
L-2701-0 (82) Toorboy, Clooneen, Cloonaglevragh
L67062-0 (51.B) Belville, Ballyglass
L6210-0 (32) Drumgoal, Ross, Cloonagh, Toorard, Longford Demense, Carrowbleagh, Cuttenta, Altanlvck, Cloonkeemoge, Carrowkeel, Barnabrack
L2702-0 (53) Farranmacfarrell, Crowagh/Dunneill Mountain, Trasgarve, Sessuegilroy, Sessuegarry
   Tullyvella, Mullan, Cloonacool, Seussecommon
L6212-0 (30) Carrownaboll, Bunnafedia, Halfquarter, Carrowconnor, Carrowmorris, Carrownaguivana, Cutteanta, Longford Demense
L6706-0 (51) Rathgoonaun, Farranmacfarrell, Fartannan
L6301-0 (40) Aughris, Kilrusheighter
L6506-0 (93) Cooga, Cartron, Leaffoney
L6415-0 (96) Ballyogan, Rathmacurkey, Culleens, Oighill
L2501-0 (90) Leaffoney, Cartron, Culleens, Ballyogan
L6603-0 (104.1) Cottlestown, Ballymoneen, Carrowcardin, Rathglass, Corbally
L64051-0 (114.1) Carrowmacbryan
L2502-0 (94) Culleens, Gortagheen, Drinighan, Ballyglass, Carrowcoller, Ballinteane, Killglass
L6609-0 (107) Corbally, Bunnanilra
L65075-0 (97) Drinighan, Carrowcoller, Ballyglass, Culleens
L67063-0/L67054-0 (52.C/142) Ballyglass
L6211-0 (31) Cloonagh/Spring Garden, Carrowmorris, Carrowconnor
L2204-0 (10) Brockagh, Carrowteane, Carrowgillhooly, Ardbrone, Sheeamore, Ardnaglass
L6212-0 (30) Carrownaboll, Halfquarter, Carrowconnor, Carrowmorris
L6414-0 (88) Fortland, Ballybeg, Carrownrod, Ballycummin
L6411-0 (86) Finod, Carrownrod, Cooga
L6402-0 (112) Carrownrush
L6508-0 (91) Leaffoney, Ballyglass
L6511-0 (59) Owenbeg, Owenykeevan/Tawnamaddo
L64092-0 (118.C) Cabragh
L65143-0 (63) Knockarawer, Culleens
L6415-0 (96) Rathmacurkey, Ballyogan, Oighill, Culleens
L6601-0 (103) Carrowcardin, Carrowgarry, Carrowgun
L6416-0 (95) Caltragh
L68022-0, L68021-0 (3.A, 3.B) Seeviness, Carrowgavneen, Shancough
L6213-0 (27) Carrowvard, Carrowbleagh, Corkskeagh, Dromard, Cloonagh, Lavagh
R297 Curraghnagap, Easkey, Moneragh, Castletown, Oldgrange, Fined, Carrowpaddeen, Carrownrush, Rathlee, Cabragh, Leaffoney, Quigaboy, Parke, Killglass, Carrowhubback North, Cloonderavally
R297 Carrowhubback North, Kinard, Trotts, Carrowhubback South, Muckduff, Bartragh, Carrowcardin, Scurmore, Ballymoneen, Bunnanilra, Newtown, Carraun
R297 Knockacullen, Ballygillcash, Carrowmarbly, Doonalton, Ballymeeney Killeenduff, Cloonagleavragh, Ardervoher, Shraheens, Bunowna, Keadews
R297 Carrowhubback North, Kinard, Trotts, Carrowhubback South, Muckduff, Bartragh, Carrowcardin, Scurmore, Ballymoneen, Bunnanilra, Newtown, Carraun
L6309-0 (49) Dunowla, Doonbeakin, Ballyglass, Crowagh or Dunneill Mountain
L67055-0 (162) Belville, Ballyglass
L6803-0 L6809-0/L68092-0 (3.3, 124/124.2) Gortakeerin, Cabragh, Cappagh, Carrownabanny, Carrownaskeagh
R-278 Farranacardy, Hazelwood Demesne, Barroe, Faughts, Ballyglass, Colgagh, Formoyle
L-7404-0 Cullaghbeg, Cartronmore
L-7406-0 Cartronmore
L-7404-17 Cartronmore, Keelty
L-7305-0 Cashelgarran, Rahelly, Doonowney
L-7204-0 Grange, Cloontyprocklis
L-72042-0 Grange, Cloontyprocklis
L-3208-27 Kilmacannon, Ardtermon, Ballymuldorry, Raghly
L-7229-0 Raghly
L-72292-0 Raghly
L-7428-0 Kiltycahill, Ballure, Cloghermore, Clogherevagh, Clogherbeg, Mullaghgar, Tully (E.D. Calry)
L-7428-20 Tully (E.D. Calry), Clogherbeg
L-7221-0 Carrigeens, Ballyconnell
L-72211-0 Carrigeens, Ballyconnell
L-7124_0 Curraghmore, Cloonerco, Cloonty
L-71181-0 Cloonerco
L-7424-0 Hazelwood Demesne, Kiltycahill
L-3205-0 Gortnaleck, Grogagh, Barnaderg
L-3301-0 Mountedward, Mullaghnaneane, Cloonelly
L-7301-0 Cloonelly
L-74302-0 Hazelwood Demesne
L-74036-0 Gortarowey
L-74037-0 Gortarowey
R-290-52, R-290-20 Ballydawley, Carrigeenboy, Castledargan, Kilross, Cartrontaylor, Drumcondra, Tiratick, Rathmoney, Woodfield, Kinsfort
L-5203-0 Tullybeg
L-5202-0 Kingsfort, Rathgean, Altvelid
R-290-0 Altvelid, Tobernania, Crossboy, Gortlownan
L-7519-0, L-7518-0 Breeogue
L-61031-0 Kilnamanagh, Ardcotton
L-7520-0, L-7521-0 Templenabree, Lisheencooravan, Seafield, Carrowcrin, Cartronabree
L-35031-0 Larass
L-75171-0, L-75173-0 Kilmacowen, Carrowkeel
R-290-1 Bleachgreen, Knoxpark, Carrignagat, Collooney
L-3508-0 Breeogue, Knocknahur North, Graigue, Carrowmore
L-36025-0 Aughamore Near
L-2101-0, L-2101-25, L-2101-46 Rathosey, Tullaghan, Kinagrelly, Glen, Kilnamagh, Ardcotton, Bleachgreen
L-3501-0 Barnasrahy, Rathonoragh
L-6102-36 Billa, Moymlough, Glen
L-36042 Belladrehid
L-7604-13 Killerry
L-3503-0 Grange East, Ballybeg, Breeogue, Knocknahur North
L-9202 John F Kennedy Parade
L-92031 St. Annes Terrace
R-294 Powellsbrough, Oghambaun, Tobercurry
L-2801-0 Ballymurray, Carrowntawy, Fethereen
L-4901-0 Cully, Cloonlaughil, Sandyhill
L-4605-0 Laughil, Carrownaleck, Cloonbaniff, Cloondrihara, Carrowmore
L-8504-0 Drimina, Tullinaglug, Tullymoy, Banada
L-4301-0 Ballynarew South, Lecarrow, Everlawns, Ballyfahy
L-8810-0 Claddagh, Knockbrack
L-4603-0 Derreens, Cloonacool
L-6104-0 Moymlough, Coolaney
L-8701-0 Sessuegarry, Sessuegilroy, Ounagh, Tullaghaglass, Largan
L-87081-0 Carrigeenagowna, Tullycusheen More, Carrowreagh Knox
L-8901-0 Coolrecuill, Cloongoonagh
L8806-0 Corroy, Knochahoney, Cloonbarry
L8904-0 Rathmagurry, Clooningan
L6106-0 Rathmore, Carrownacarrick, Rathgran
L8104-0 Cuilmore, Mountirvine, Gortygara
L8206-0 Kilshalvy, Ardraheen More, Knocknaskeagh
L4203-0 Knockalass, Knockahurka, Drumdiveen, Ardminnan
L2803-0 Knockadoo, Lissalough
L8808-0 Claddagh, Knockbrack
L8802-0 Drummartin, Cloonydiveen, Cloonbarry, Toberroddy, Lislea
L4901-0 Banada, Dowros, Curraghbonaun
L84015-0 Tobertelly, Carraun
L81053-0 Rathmadder, Cloonlaheen
L81095-0 Doon


Any persons aggrieved by the proposed road closures as outlined above, may lodge a written objection setting out the ground therefor with the Acting Director of Services, Infrastructural Services Section, Sligo County Council, Riverside, Sligo not later than 5pm on Monday, 7th March, 2022.

For further information please contact Declan Noone A/SEE 071 911 1487.



Emer Concannon
Acting Director of Services