Delegation from Gansu, China Visits Sligo

Delegation from Gansu, China Visits Sligo Cathaoirleach/Mayor Councillor Declan Bree with the delegation of six dignitaries from Gansu, China

A delegation from Gansu, China, led by Mr. Wang Rui, Vice Chairman of CPPCC, were warmly welcomed to Sligo City Hall last Friday, by Cathaoirleach / Mayor Councillor Declan Bree.

Before the meeting at City Hall, the delegation of six dignitaries had the privilege of visiting two prominent cultural institutions in Sligo.  They toured the Sligo County Museum, renowned for its rich historical artifacts, and the Hyde Bridge Gallery, housed in the iconic Yeats Building, where they experienced the vibrant arts scene of the region.

Expressing his gratitude, Cathaoirleach / Mayor Councillor Bree highlighted the significance of this meeting in renewing the friendship between Gansu and Sligo.  He acknowledged the efforts made by His Excellency Ambassador He Xiangdong and Madam Xia Lining during their visit to County Hall last August, which further strengthened the bond between the two regions. Cathaoirleach / Mayor Councillor Bree also recalled the visit of Chinese Ambassador to Ireland Dr. Yue Xiaoyong to County Hall in 2016, which laid the foundation for the enduring relationship enjoyed today.  Additionally, he fondly remembered the previous visits of delegations from Ningbo Province and Gansu, which have contributed to the rich tapestry of intercultural exchanges between the two regions.

 Gansu Delegation - Declan speaking Cathaoirleach/Mayor Councillor Declan Bree speaking at the visit of the delegation from Gansu, China

Cathaoirleach / Mayor Councillor Bree highlighted the common vision shared by Sligo and Gansu, transcending geographical boundaries.  Despite the vast distances separating them, the regions share a commitment to progress, development, and the well-being of their people.  The shared history, heritage, and traditions have woven a strong thread of understanding and cooperation between the communities.

The visit of the Gansu delegation to Sligo provides a valuable opportunity to explore avenues of cooperation that will benefit both regions.  Possibilities for collaboration in trade and investment, education and research, cultural exchange, and tourism were discussed during the meeting.  By leveraging their respective strengths and resources, Sligo and Gansu aim to create a dynamic partnership that fosters economic growth, innovation, and cultural enrichment for their communities.

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Deputy Chief Executive of Sligo County Council, Mr. Jim Molloy, also addressed the meeting, highlighting his recent visit to the embassy of Ambassador He Xiangdong.  Liam Kiely, Acting Head of Local Enterprise Sligo, and Aidan McCormack, Tourism Officer, delivered a presentation showcasing the opportunities and potential for cooperation in their respective fields.  Mr. Wang Rui, speaking on behalf of the delegation, expressed gratitude for the warm reception and conveyed their eagerness to strengthen ties between Gansu and Sligo.

Following the meeting, the delegation enjoyed visits to two of Sligo's notable attractions, Sligo Abbey and the National Surf Centre in Strandhill, further immersing themselves in the rich cultural and natural heritage of the region.

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