Area Based Transport Assessment

Area Based Transport Assessment

The Area Based Transport Assessment (ABTA) for Sligo will provide a long-term strategic planning framework for the development of transport infrastructure and inform the Local Transport Plan (LTP) and County Development Plan for Sligo.

This involves the creation of area-specific objectives which will then inform the development of a series of recommendations for transport measures that will be put forward in the LTP.  The objectives are:

  • Support the Climate Action Plan through reducing emissions from the car, enhancing Electrical Vehicle provision and extending Active Travel to promote modal shift.
  • Support the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy through providing a permeable Sligo Town Centre for walking, cycling and the mobility impaired.
  • Ensure that the Study Area is flexible against the projected population growth and residential developments by providing safe, convenient alternatives to the private car, without inhibiting arterial connections.
  • Ensure the needs and requirements of the elderly and mobility impaired are supported through a more accessible transport system within the Study Area
  • Develop robust measures to secure funding in line with the National Investment Framework for Transport in Ireland
  • Improved social inclusion and wellbeing by promoting Active Travel linked to a sense of ‘Place’ within the Study Area.

The ABTA puts forward policy recommendations and identifies the key infrastructure improvements to drive change and facilitate more sustainable travel in Sligo.  The responses obtained from this survey will inform the options assessment process by highlighting key issues and providing feedback.

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