Casual Trading

Casual Trading Bye-Laws 2018 (PDF) - 8,069 kbs  PDF

Open air trading of goods is covered by the Casual Trading Act 1995 (Casual Trading Act 1995).  Sligo County Council also enforces Sligo County Council Casual Trading Bye Laws 2018.  The Bye-Laws outline the control, regulation, supervision and administration of Casual Trading in the functional area of Sligo County Council, designating the areas in which Casual Trading is permitted, outlining the conditions for trading and the Licensees responsibilities.

To be in compliance with these Bye Laws trading must not take place outside of the zoned areas/ bays and traders must hold a current and valid licence issued by the Local Authority.

For an annual fee, applicants are permitted to trade in one designated bay.  This must be indicated on their application form and will also be stated on the issued licence.

Under the Casual Trading Act 1995 (Section 14) it is an offence to trade without a licence and outside the designated areas. Sligo County Council's Litter Wardens, regularly patrol the trading areas and enforce an “on-the-spot” fine for the breach of these Bye-Laws.


Market Locations

Sligo County Council’s designated Trading Bays can be found in the following locations:

  • Ballymote
  • Tubbercurry
  • Rosses Point
  • Enniscrone
  • Market Place (Yard), Sligo City
  • Doorly Park, Sligo City
  • Cleveragh Park, Sligo City


Casual Trading Licences for Events

A Casual trading Event Licence may be issued to a person/ Market operator/ Event organiser wishing to engage in Casual Trading during an Event.  Such licences will prescribe the location for trading and will be subject to the regulations and conditions as specified by Sligo County Council. 


Licence Fees

Sligo County Council Casual Trading Bye Laws 2018.

Market Place

1 & 2 car parking space(s) – to be allocated by the Council upon approval of application

3 car parking spaces – Trading Bay No’s:  3A, 7, 8

4 car parking spaces – Trading Bay No’s :  3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Bay Size6 month Licence fees12 month Licence fees
1 car parking space €80 €150
2 car parking spaces €160 €300
3 car parking spaces €235 €450
4 car parking spaces €315 €600


Doorly Park, Cleveragh Park, Tubbercurry, Ballymote

6 month Licence - €285

12 month Licence - €545


Enniscrone, Rosses Point

Off Peak Season 1st October – 31st March - €270

Peak Season 1st April – 30th September - €450


Market Place, Doorly Park, Cleveragh Park, Tubbercurry, Ballymote

Trial Licence - €40


Event Casual Trading Licence:

Location: (Sligo City)

Fee for an individual applying for a Casual Trading Licence to trade during an event - €50 per stall per day

Fees for a Market Operator/Event Organiser to hold a Market during an Event:

€50 per trading stall for 3 days
€20 per trading stall per day


Apply for a Licence

Application form for Casual Trading Licence (PDF) - 543 kbs  PDF
Application form for Event Casual Trading Licence (PDF) - 105 kbs  PDF

Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding Casual Trading please contact the Environment Section on 071 911 1111. 

Completed applications can be returned to Environmental Services, Sligo County Council, Riverside, Sligo or by email to 


Casual Trading Downloads

Council Casual Trading Act 1995 

Casual Trading Bye-Laws 2018 (PDF) - 8,069 kbs  PDF
Maps of Designated Casual Trading Areas and Bays (PDF) - 3,053 kbs  PDF

Meet the Traders

Casual Trader Charlie
Charlie, an employee of “Michael Gannon & Sons Ltd” selling Eggs, Poultry, fresh fruit and vegetables in Ballymote Saturday mornings, Market Yard Fridays
Charlie Gildea
Charlie Gildea selling fresh fish in Market Yard, Sligo town Fridays
Casual Trader Leo
Leo, an employee of “Ireland West Seafare Ltd” selling fresh fish in Ballymote Thursdays and Market Yard Sligo city on Fridays
Terry McConnell
Terry McConnell selling fresh fruit and vegetables Fridays in Market Yard Sligo city

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