2022 Minutes

Minutes of Meeting of Sligo Local Community Development Committee held on Thursday 24th February 2022 at 9.30 a.m. (via MS Teams)


  • Cllr Dara Mulvey, Local Government Member, Sligo County Council - (in Chamber)
  • Cllr Tom Fox, Local Government Member, Sligo County Council - (in Chamber)
  • Cllr. Joseph Queenan, Local Government Member, Sligo County Council - (in Chamber)
  • Mr. John Kennedy, State Agency, Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection - (by video)
  • Mr. John Feerick, Local Development Sector, Sligo LEADER Partnership CLG - (by video)
  • Ms. Patricia Garland, State Agency, Sligo/Leitrim/West Cavan HSE - (by video)
  • Ms. Kathleen Henry, Farming / Agriculture Interests, Farming / Agriculture Pillar - (by video)
  • Mr. Brendan Lynch, Social Inclusion, PPN - (by video)
  • Dr. Connie Nell, Environmental Interests, Environment Pillar (PPN) - (by video)
  • Mr. Pat Benson, Community & Voluntary, PPN - (by video)


Apologies /Absent

  • Mr. Martin Lydon, Local Government / CE, Sligo County Council
  • Mr. John Reilly, Local Government / LEO, Sligo County Council
  • Mr. Peter Egan, State Agency, Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim ETB
  • Mr. Pat Fallon, Trade Union Interests, Irish Congress of Trade Unions 
  • Ms. Noelle O’Gara, Social Inclusion, PPN
  • Ms. Jean Finnerty, Community & Voluntary, PPN
  • Mr. Aidan Doyle, Business Interests, Sligo Chamber of Commerce

In Attendance

  • Ms. Dorothy Clarke, LCDC Chief Officer, Sligo County Council - (in Chamber)
  • Ms. Margaret McConnell, Senior Executive Officer, Sligo County Council - (in Chamber)
  • Ms. Aisling Smyth, Administrative Officer, Sligo County Council - (by video)
  • Ms. Niamh Harkin, A/Senior Staff Officer, Sligo County Council - (in Chamber)
  • Ms. Geraldine Timlin, Social Inclusion Officer, Sligo County Council - (by video)
  • Ms. Fiona Gilligan, Staff Officer, Sligo County Council - (in Chamber)
  • Ms. June Murphy, Programme Manager (SICAP), County Sligo LEADER Partnership CLG - (by video) 

Cllr Dara Mulvey opened the meeting and welcomed all in attendance.


1.  Declarations of Interest

No conflict of interest was declared.


2.  Minutes of meeting 16th December 2021

Minutes of the meeting held on the 16th December 2021 were proposed by Councillor Tom Fox, seconded by Mr. John Kennedy and agreed.


3.  Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.


4.  Update on LECP process – ‘Sligo 2030 One Voice One Vision’

Report circulated to Members in advance of the meeting.  Ms. Dorothy Clarke briefed Members on the update since the December meeting of the LCDC and advised that the draft Socio-Economic statement is now complete with feedback from the recent workshops and consultation incorporated into the Revised Statement.  The document is now ready to be published on Sligo County Council’s website.  

In relation to the revised objectives and actions, Members were informed that work is ongoing with regards ownership of actions.  Once objectives and actions have been approved, an Appropriate Assessment Screening Report and a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening Report will be carried out in accordance with statutory requirements.

Ms. Clarke also advised of work ongoing on the development of the Sligo 2030 draft strategy with the first draft due mid-March.  It was noted that the Plan will be back for consideration of the committees in Quarter 2.

Dr. Connie Nell advised of an email from the Roscommon Environmental Network who have been commissioned by Coalition 2030 to work with other Local Environmental Networks (LENs) and the PPNs in getting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) incorporated into the new 6-year Local Economic and Community Plans (LECPs).  As Sligo has gone ahead of other LCDCs in drafting the new LECP, Dr Nell expressed concern that the SDGs would not be fully incorporated into Sligo’s new LECP.

Dr. Nell is to forward the email received from REN for information.

Ms. Clarke advised that the SDGs have been incorporated into the draft LECP/Sligo 2030 Plan but will confirm this to the LCDC.

In the event that recommendations are received from the Environmental Network, it was noted that the Committees will have an opportunity to input and amend Plan.


5.  Revision of Terms of Reference for Sligo LCDC

Report circulated in advance of the meeting.  Ms. Margaret McConnell briefed Members on this report and advised that the current Terms of Reference (ToR) agreed by the LCDC in December 2014 were drafted based on Department guidance and best practice and have not been reviewed since then.  Due to the necessity to hold virtual meetings over the last two years, a decision was made to update the ToR and incorporate some other changes highlighted on report.  The DRCD advised that amendments are at the discretion of the Chief Officer and the LCDC.

Updates were summarized in the cover report to the LCDC and included reference to the LAG and the LEADER programme, alignment of the Quorum for meetings, convening of virtual meetings (full/partial) and the ‘Plan’ will be specified as the Local Economic & Community Plan.

LCDC approval to amendments as outlined was proposed by Mr. John Kennedy, seconded by Mr. Pat Benson and agreed.



  1. 2021 Annual Performance Review – for Approval
    1. Reports uploaded by SLPC
      • Signed Lot Cost Charged Report
      • Lot Summary Report
      • 2021 Annual Progress Report
    2. LCDC Checklist including Pobal’s Feedback & breakdown of Individuals Caseload by Target Group
    3. Recommendation of the Social Inclusion & SICAP Monitoring Committee
  2. Annual Plan for 2022 – For approval
    1. Feedback report from Pobal’s review
  3. Site visits/ Verifications – Q1

All reports were circulated in advance of the meeting.  Ms. Margaret McConnell advised of a meeting of the Social Inclusion and SICAP Monitoring Committee on the 16th February to consider the 2021 Annual Performance review.  Sligo LEADER Partnership uploaded reports as required by the DRCD and Pobal with LCDC support staff undertaking a review of SICAP 2021 in January.  It was noted that Pobal also carried out a review of performance under SICAP in 2021.  Feedback from Pobal was incorporated into the LCDC Checklist report.

a.  (i) June Murphy then briefed Members on progress during 2021 and advised that targets under both Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were overachieved - KPI 1 (Supporting Groups) – 111% of the annual target achieved and KPI 2 (Supporting Individuals) - 134% of annual target achieved at 31.12.21.  It was noted that 24% of groups supported and 67% of Individuals supported were newly registered in 2021 which is very positive.  Ms. Murphy also advised that 10 Social Enterprises were supported under SICAP last year.

Members were reminded of a third target for Percentage of Individuals supported under KPI 2 living in disadvantaged areas. The target of 18% for 2021 was exceeded with 36% achieved – refer to summary table below:

RefKey Performance IndicatorAnnual TargetActuals as at 31/12/21
(From IRIS)
% Achieved
KPI 1 Number of local community groups supported under SICAP 38 42 111%
KPI 2 Number of Individuals (aged 15 years upwards) supported under SICAP 366 492 134%
  Percentage of Individuals supported under KPI 2 living in disadvantaged areas (105 individuals) 18% 36.89%  

(ii)  Ms. Margaret McConnell outlined the LCDC Checklist report and advised that budget parameters as set out in the Programme Requirements were adhered to in 2021.  An underspend of €3,592.71, representing 0.6% of the total budget available, was noted.  This underspend is being carried over to 2022 Action costs as approved by the DRCD.  The Checklist report incorporated other aspects of the review including Additional Programme Delivery Considerations around Insurance and Tax compliance, lot level performance, 2021 Case study and feedback from Pobal.  Reports from the Integrated Reporting Information system (IRIS) detailing payments to SLPC in 2021 and a table showing the breakdown of the Individual Caseload by Target Group with comparison to the National caseload were also included in the Checklist report.

It was noted that feedback from Pobal was positive following their review of SICAP 2021.

(iii)  Ms. McConnell outlined the recommendation report of the Social Inclusion and SICAP Monitoring Committee following their meeting on the 16th February 2022.

Members acknowledged the good work of Sligo LEADER Partnership in the delivery of SICAP particularly considering the ongoing impact of Covid 19 and the challenges it presents.

Approval to the 2021 Annual Performance review was proposed by Councillor Tom Fox, seconded by Dr Connie Nell and agreed.

b.  The SICAP Annual Plan for 2022 was circulated in advance of the meeting.  Ms. Margaret McConnell advised of a budget increase of €66,000 with budget of €669,418 confirmed for SICAP 2022.  This increase was welcomed by Sligo LEADER Partnership.  Ms. June Murphy advised that Pobal have asked Local Development Companies to look at SICAP Target groups and focus on young people, the unemployed, older people in isolation and New Communities.  Ms. Murphy informed Members that the SICAP 2022 Plan must be fluid and responsive and advised of supports being developed for employees facing potential redundancies as a result of business closures.

Ms. Murphy also advised of ongoing collaboration with the HSE on the Ageing Well Programme, work with CYPSC on a Parenting programme for New Communities and work with Túsla on a sexual health programme for young people leaving care.

LCDC Approval to the 2022 SICAP Annual Plan was proposed by Dr. Connie Nell, seconded by Mr. John Kennedy and agreed.


7.  Update on Healthy Ireland Programme

Report circulated to Members in advance of the meeting.  Ms. Aisling Smyth briefed Members on this report and advised that the current programme will end on the 31st March 2022 which will allow for the completion of all actions and activities and achievement of full spend in respect of Round 3.  Ms. Smyth advised of discussions ongoing at a national level with regards to Round 4 of the Healthy Ireland Programme.  Feedback from participants of the current programme will help inform Round 4.

Positive feedback received from Pobal was noted particularly with regards to the delivery of projects during the pandemic.

Members agreed to spend and reallocate any under spend in the Community Mental Health Grants across other approved small grants projects in this category.

Members acknowledged the good work carried out under the Healthy Ireland Programme which has received positive feedback from participants throughout the County.


8.  Update on PPN

Report circulated to Members in advance of the meeting.  Mr. Brendan Lynch briefed Members on the update with regards the PPN and advised of ongoing collaboration with Sligo County Council in relation to strengthening their relationship with the PPN.

Mr. Lynch advised of upcoming elections to fill two vacant seats on the PPN secretariat and two PPN representatives are also being sought for the Sligo Age Friendly Alliance.

Members were informed that the community outreach programme is continuing with a number of pilot sessions completed.

In relation to national initiatives, Mr. Lynch advised that Sligo PPN’s Resource Worker is working with the National Advisory Group in relation to the development of a National Communications Strategy to build awareness of the PPN within the Community.

It was noted that the National PPN conference has been cancelled for 2022.

With regards local projects, Mr. Lynch informed Members that Sligo PPN have supported IT Sligo in their application to the National Climate Action Plan fund.  Funding is sought to deliver a regional awareness and education programme on the role of communities in addressing climate action.

Mr. Lynch also advised that the Secretariat are supporting the social inclusion representatives to make an application for Sligo to become part of the Autism Friendly Towns initiative.

The PPN continue to work with representatives from Comhairle na nÓg in supporting young people to find their voice and are also working towards re-establishing the Sligo Training Partnership, which would ensure greater collaboration among key organizations in responding to training needs within the community.


9.  Update on Peace Plus Programme

Report circulated to Members in advance of the meeting.  Ms. Aisling Smyth briefed Members on this report and advised that the Peace Plus Programme is a €1billion, cross-border, EU funded programme for the period 2021-2027.  This new programme will be a hybrid of PEACE and INTERREG Programmes and will continue to support activities that contribute to a prosperous and stable society in Northern Ireland and border counties of Ireland.

Ms. Smyth advised that the Special European Union Programmes Board (SEUPB) as the managing authority for the Programme have engaged consultants to act as advisors on their behalf and work with local authorities in the preparation of PEACE Plus.

Members were informed that the overall PEACE Plus Local Authority budget is €110million to be allocated across the programme area of Northern Ireland and the six border counties namely Sligo, Donegal, Leitrim, Cavan, Monaghan and Louth.  Ms. Smyth advised that work would commence on the Peace action plan for Sligo once the allocation has been confirmed.  The Sligo PEACE Plus Sub Committee (a subcommittee of the LCDC) will also be established as this approach proved successful under the Peace IV Programme.

Members will be kept updated on the Programme as details emerge.

Ms. Smyth confirmed that the Peace Programme is fully funded with no match funding required by Sligo County Council.

In response to a query regarding funding for Sports clubs under Peace, Ms. Smyth advised that projects need to link back to the theme of Peace and Reconciliation.


10.  Correspondence

  1. LGAS 2019 Audit of Sligo LCDC - Management Letter & LCDC response 17th December 2021
  2. National context and Pobal Feedback 2021 SICAP Case Study (15.2.22)
  3. E: Invitation | The Health Service Executive and Age Friendly Ireland | Formal Launch of Health and Wellbeing Information Resources | Blended Event (2.3.22)

Correspondence as above was outlined Ms. Margaret McConnell and noted by Members.


11.  Date for next LCDC/LAG meeting – Thursday 7th April 2022

Members agreed to hold the next meetings of the LCDC/LAG on the 7th April 2022.


12.  AOB

There were no items for discussion.


Meeting concluded at 10.35 a.m.


LCDC Minutes - 24th February 2022 (PDF) - 278 kbs

Meeting Date 24/02/2022