Minutes 2019

Minutes of July Ordinary Meeting of Sligo County Council held on Monday 1st July, 2019


  • Councillor Baker,
  • Councillor Bree,
  • Councillor Casserly,
  • Councillor Clarke,
  • Councillor Fox,
  • Councillor Gilroy,
  • Councillor Healy,
  • Councillor MacManus,
  • Councillor MacSharry,
  • Councillor Maguire,
  • Councillor Mullaney,
  • Councillor Mulvey.



  • Ciarán Hayes, Chief Executive
  • Ms. Marie Whelan, Head of Finance
  • Ms. Emer Concannon, A/Director of Services
  • Mr. Joe Murphy, A/Director of Services
  • Mr. Kevin Colreavy, Meetings Administrator
  • Ms. Jo-Anne McGonigle, Assistant Staff Officer.



Cathaoirleach, Councillor Tom MacSharry, presided. 



Apologies were received from Councillor Connolly, Councillor O’Boyle, Councillor O’Grady, Councillor Queenan, Councillor Taylor and Councillor Walsh.



Proposed by Councillor G. Mullaney
Seconded by Councillor M. Baker


“That the Ordinary Meeting of Sligo County Council be adjourned until Monday, 8th July, 2019 as a mark of respect to the late Councillor Leo Conlon.”

In supporting the adjournment, Councillor Bree referred to the late Councillor Conlon having contested the local elections in the Ballymote area in 1974 and being elected to Sligo County Council in 1979.  Councillor Conlon had been returned at each election until he retired in 2004.  During his 25 term, Councillor Conlon had been Cathaoirleach on two occasions, in 1988 and 1998, and also Leas-Cathaoirleach. 

Councillor Conlon had served on a number of Boards including Sligo V.E.C., Health Advisory Committee and State Bodies.  His deep sense of commitment to the people of Geevagh area was noted.  Two words came to mind when he thought of Councillor Conlon and they were “decent and respectful”.  In conclusion, Councillor Bree added that he also had integrity, dedication and a sense of purpose for the people of Sligo.

Councillor Mullaney said Leo Conlon was held in the highest regard by a community he served so well.  In addition to being a tireless worker on the Council, he was also a leading member of the Local Authority Members’ Association, including serving as their Treasurer for a ten year period.  Through his work with L.A.M.A. he was committed to making Local Government work more effectively for the people. 

Even when retired as a public representative, Councillor Conlon continued his commitment to public service, and was a valued member of Sligo County Council’s Audit Committee for a number of years.  Councillor Mullaney regarded him as a role model for people aspiring to serve in public office. 

The meeting was informed that Leo had been a keen sports man involved in his native Geevagh’s G.A.A. Club, training the local soccer team, and was a regular spectator at  local sporting fixtures and those further afield, visiting Old Trafford on a number of occasions.  Other interests were horse riding, snooker and fishing.  He had served as a member of the North Western Fisheries Board for many years having a great influence on developing fishing on rivers and lakes.  In conclusion, Councillor Mullaney extended the Members’ thoughts and prayers to his wife Detta, sons, daughters and extended family.

Councillor Baker concurred with the descriptions of someone he regarded as a brilliant man who had been fair with everyone in the county.  Leo would assist anyone, whether they could vote for him or not.  The co-operation between Councillor Leo Conlon and Councillor Michael “Boxer” Conlon was noted by many Members, highlighting their achievement of securing two seats in such a small area. 

Councillor Maguire added her words of condolences to the Conlon family.  While she had not met or worked with Councillor Conlon, she had heard a very moving tribute from former Councillor Joe Leonard.  He had painted a very impressive picture of a very dedicated and committed public representative who had been held in high respect by all political parties.  He had an interest in people and furthering their issues which gave him the ability to maintain his level of commitment and work.  This had been honoured by having twice been appointed as Cathaoirleach. 

Councillor Mulvey recalled Leo as a decent and honourable man and, in particular, noted the comments made by Councillor Baker regarding the successful working relationship between Leo and Councillor Michael “Boxer” Conlon.

On behalf of the Sinn Féin Members, Councillor MacManus extended his sympathies and supported the adjournment following Leo’s passing.  The small Geevagh community were rightly proud of their two Conlon Councillors that worked diligently for their community.  Having met Leo at a number of social occasions, he had been very well spoken and erudite.  He had an innate sense of decency and common sense

Chief Executive Ciarán Hayes, on his own behalf and on behalf of the staff, joined Members in expressing his sympathies.  Councillor Conlon had dedicated 25 years to public life and a number of years as Cathaoirleach and First Citizen of the county.  While he did not have the honour of knowing Leo personally, many people had spoken to him of the regard in which he was held in the community.  He expressed his sympathy to Councillor Conlon’s family and his daughter-in-law Martina who worked on the Council’s staff.

The Cathaoirleach concluded the business of the meeting by noting that it had been with great sadness the community had learned of the death of former Councillor Leo Conlon.  Leo had been an outstanding public representative who had served the community in Sligo for 25 years, including serving as Chair on two occasions.  He had been held in great respect across the political divide by all parties and none.  He had left behind a proud body of work.  Leo had been a great role model for young and new Councillors that served in Sligo.  On behalf of the people of Sligo, he then extended sympathies and condolences to Councillor Conon’s family.



The Meeting was then adjourned until 10.00 a.m. on Monday, 8th July, 2019.



The business of the meeting concluded at 10.20 a.m.


Meeting Date 01/07/2019