Minutes 2018

Minutes of Annual General Meeting of Sligo County Council held on Monday, 18th June, 2018 at 3.00 pm in The Council Chamber, County Hall, Riverside, Sligo.


  • Councillor Baker
  • Councillor Bree
  • Councillor Casserly
  • Councillor Clarke
  • Councillor Gormley
  • Councillor Henry
  • Councillor Keaney
  • Councillor Kilgannon
  • Councillor Lundy
  • Councillor Maguire
  • Councillor MacManus
  • Councillor MacSharry
  • Councillor Mulvey
  • Councillor O’Grady
  • Councillor Queenan
  • Councillor Taylor



Apologies were received from Councillor T. Healy and Councillor G. O’Boyle



  • Mr. Ciarán Hayes, Chief Executive
  • Ms. Marie Whelan, Head of Finance
  • Mr. Tom Kilfeather, Director of Services
  • Mr. Bartley Gavin, Acting Director of Services
  • Mr. Kevin Colreavy, Meetings Administrator
  • Ms. Jo-Anne McGonigle, Assistant Staff Officer



Councillor Kilgannon addressed the Meeting and reflected on his term of office during the previous year.  In particular, he noted that there had been a Revenue surplus for a third consecutive year.  Sligo was continuing to develop in the context of economic growth.  Among the highlights referred to were

  • funding for the N4 and Western Distributor routes,
  • the Council’s association with Ireland West Airport in Knock,
  • new jobs and investment in Sligo,
  • the Chief Executive’s positive presentation to the June Meeting of the Council
  • the launch of the National Development Plan in Sligo was public recognition of Sligo’s importance.  This Plan would have a major impact in attracting capital investment and enterprise into the region.

The outgoing Cathaoirleach thanked the elected Members, in particular the outgoing Mayor of Sligo, Councillor Hubert Keaney and Leas Cathaoirleach, Councillor Keith Henry.  Further thanks were extended to the Chief Executive and staff for their support during the year.  Having regard to the Council’s financial situation, Councillors and staff worked together to deliver the optimum service to the community they served.

In conclusion, Councillor Kilgannon thanked his wife and family for their support during the previous year and wished the incoming Cathaoirleach the very best and assured them of his full support. 

Members thanked the outgoing Cathaoirleach for the work he had carried out during a busy year.  It was noted that Councillor Kilgannon had been willing to facilitate and encourage links at home and abroad, Members had been given a fair chance to air their views and he had been extremely fair to everybody.  Despite a lengthy agenda for some monthly meetings, each one had been dealt without the need for a special meeting.  A strong and solid legacy had been left behind him.  Members also extended their condolences to Councillor Kilgannon and his family on the recent death of his mother, Kathleen.

The Chief Executive, on his own behalf and on behalf of the Executive and staff, added his words of congratulations and thanks to the outgoing Cathaoirleach.  It was noted that, having travelled overseas with both the Cathaoirleach and Leas Cathaoirleach, their support of initiatives and thinking ‘outside the box’ has assisted Sligo in turning the corner and it is now on an upward curve.  The Chief Executive also wished to be associated with the condolences expressed to Councillor Kilgannon and his family on his recent sad loss.



Proposed by Councillor J. Lundy
Seconded by Councillor P. Taylor

“To elect Councillor Martin Baker as Cathaoirleach of Sligo County Council.”

As there was only one nomination for the position of Cathaoirleach, Councillor Kilgannon declared Councillor Martin Baker unanimously elected.

Councillor Baker took the Chair and, as Cathaoirleach, welcomed his family and guests to the Chamber.  In particular, he extended his thanks to Deputies Eamonn Scanlon and Marc MacSharry, former Councillors Sean MacManus and Tommy Deignan and Mrs. Mona Conlon, wife of former Councillor ‘Boxer’ Conlon.

The incoming Cathaoirleach said it was a great honour for the community that had elected him on each occasion since he first joined Sligo County Council in 2004.  Councillor Baker said he had always worked to the best of his ability and would continue to do so into the future.

Among the issues the Cathaoirleach highlighted were

  • Announcements of new jobs for Sligo and his hope that some of those jobs would be spread out through the county.
  • Huge potential for tourism with local groups working very hard in this area.
  • N4 was now on stream but local roads would be a priority during his term in office with weather having affected them adversely in recent years.
  • Housing was identified as a major issue where there were difficulties.

The Cathaoirleach said that the areas of most demand were from Collooney towards Sligo town.  However, there were properties available in other villages where there were Playschools, Primary and Post Primary Schools nearby.  In referring to the ‘Rebuilding Ireland’ programme, the Cathaoirleach said the enhancement of villages would deliver a lot better.  If Housing Applicants were willing to go where homes were available, they could receive a house a lot quicker and this was something the Government would need to look at.

The Cathaoirleach then thanked his wife Josephine and family for their

support and noted that, only for them, he would not be able to commit the time to his role as a public representative.

The Cathaoirleach then indicated that he would deal with the election of a Leas-Cathaoirleach.



Proposed by Councillor K. Henry
Seconded by Councillor J. Queenan

“To elect Councillor Paul Taylor as Leas-Cathaoirleach of Sligo County Council.”

As there was only one nomination for the position of Leas-Cathaoirleach, the Cathaoirleach declared Councillor Paul Taylor elected unanimously.

The Leas-Cathaoirleach thanked the Members for his nomination and unanimous election for the role.  In welcoming his wife Naomi and family to the Chamber, Councillor Taylor reiterated that he also would not be able to deal with his workload as a Councillor without their support.

Members congratulated Councillor Baker and Councillor Taylor on their appointments to their posts and assured them of their support.

Members also congratulated other Councillors who had been elected at the Annual General meetings for Ballymote-Tobercurry and Sligo Municipal District:  i.e. Councillor J. Queenan as Cathaoirleach of the Ballymote-Tobercurry Municipal District, Councillor J. Lundy as the Leas Cathaoirleach, Councillor R. O’Grady as Mayor of Sligo Municipal District and Councillor S. Maguire as Deputy Mayor.



The meeting concluded at 4.05 p.m.


Meeting Date 18/06/2018