Minutes 2003

Minutes of Special Meeting of Sligo County Council held on Friday, 3rd January, 2003, at 2.00 pm in the Council Chamber, County Hall, Riverside, Sligo


  • Barrett,
  • Branley,
  • Bree,
  • Cawley,
  • Colleary,
  • M. Conlon,
  • Conmy,
  • Devins,
  • Fleming,
  • Fox,
  • Gormley,
  • Higgins,
  • Leonard,
  • MacManus,
  • McGarry,
  • McGuinn,
  • McLoughlin,
  • Murray,
  • Parke,
  • Perry,
  • Queenan,
  • B. Scanlon
  • E. Scanlon.


  • Mr. H. Kearns, County Manager.
  • Mr. P. Forkan, Director of Services.
  • Mr. T. Kilfeather, Head of Finance.
  • Mr. T. Carroll, Senior Engineer.
  • Mr. J. McHugh, Senior Engineer.
  • Mr. K. Larkin, Senior Engineer.
  • Mr. D. Breen, Senior Executive Officer.
  • Mr. F. Moylan, Senior Executive Planner.
  • Mr. F. McNabb, Administrative Officer.
  • Mr. G. Browne, Administrative Officer.
  • Ms. S. Malone, Assistant Staff Officer.
  • Ms. J. McGonigle, Assistant Staff Officer.


  • The Cathaoirleach, Councillor P. Branley presided.


At the Council’s ordinary meeting of 9th December, 2002, it was agreed to hold a special meeting on the Council’s policy relating to the development of one off houses in rural Sligo.

Cllr Colleary outlined the reasons why he had requested a special meeting of the Council.  He stated that he was dissatisfied with the manner in which the Council dealt with decisions on one off housing and he wished to invite the views of all the members. 

A discussion followed in relation to the matter during which the members expressed their views.

In response to Cllr Conmy, Director Forkan advised that commencement of the review of the Development Plan for County Sligo will commence in May 2003 and will take two years to complete in accordance with the provisions of the Planning and Development Act, 2000.

Director Forkan further outlined the policy of the Council relating to the provision of once off housing in the county. 

He suggested that the matter might be addressed by the Planning SPC.

In response to the members, the County Manager advised that the quality of the environment distinguishes Sligo from other counties and he outlined the importance of protecting the environment for future generations.  He informed members that he had full confidence in relation to the manner in which the Council’s policies as expressed in the County Development Plan were being implemented by officials of the Council.  He further stressed that applicants had the option of appealing any decision of the Council to An Bord Pleanala should they feel aggrieved at the Council’s decision.  He noted that An Bord Pleanala had overturned very few decisions of the Council on appeal.  He pointed out that the refusal rate in relation to once off houses in rural areas was very low in comparative terms at 20%.  He also indicated that most of these refusals were in the area within 5-10 miles of Sligo City where there was particular pressure on this fringe area.

It was proposed by Cllr MacManus,
Seconded by Cllr Devins,

“that the County Council agrees to set up a 6 member cross party sub-committee to examine the County Sligo Development Plan with a view to amending the Plan, where necessary, in relation to once off housing”.

As agreement was not reached in relation to the motion the Cathaoirleach asked that a poll be taken.

The result was as follows:-

For the motion:- Barrett, Branley, Bree, Colleary, M. Conlon, Devins, Fleming, Fox, Gormley, Higgins, McManus, McGarry, McGuinn, Murray, Parke, Perry, Queenan, B. Scanlon, E. Scanlon

Against the motion:- Leonard

As the result was 18 for, 1 against, the Cathaoirleach declared the motion carried.

The County Manager pointed out that as the establishment of a Committee was not on the agenda for the meeting its establishment should be dealt with at the next meeting of the Council.  This was agreed.


The meeting concluded at 4.10 p.m.

Meeting Date 03/01/2003