Minutes 2003

Minutes of Special Meeting of Sligo County Council held on Friday, 7th March, 2003, at 11.00 am in the Council Chamber, County Hall, Riverside, Sligo


  • Barry,
  • Branley,
  • Bree,
  • Cawley,
  • M. Conlon,
  • Devins,
  • Fleming,
  • Gormley,
  • Higgins,
  • Leonard,
  • McGarry,
  • McGuinn,
  • McLoughlin,
  • Parke,
  • Perry,
  • E. Scanlon.


  • Mr J. McHugh, Acting Director of Services.
  • Mr T. Carroll, Senior Engineer.
  • Mr K. Larkin, Senior Engineer.
  • Mr B. Carolan, Senior Planner.
  • Ms M. McConnell, Senior Executive Officer.
  • Ms F. Meagher, Senior Executive Planner.
  • Mr G. Browne, Administrative Officer.
  • Mr S. O’Toole, Senior Executive Engineer.
  • Ms M. Davidescu, Assistant Planner.
  • Ms S. Malone, Assistant Staff Officer.
  • Ms F. Couch, Clerical Officer.


  • The Cathaoirleach, Councillor P. Branley presided.


Apologies were received from

  • Councillor B. Scanlon,
  • Councillor S. MacManus and
  • Councillor I. Fox.


Ms F. Meagher, Senior Executive Planner, referred to the Managers report as circulated.  She advised that the report listed the submissions received on the draft plan and summarised the issues raised.  The report, she advised, gave the Manager’s opinion on these issues and his recommendations in relation to the draft plan.

Ms M. Davidescu, Assistant Planner, gave a presentation to the members on the Managers Report and Draft Plan.
Ms Meagher and Ms Davidescu replied to members queries raised on various aspects of the Managers Report and the Draft Plan.
The members complimented the planning staff on the work involved in the preparation of the plan and on the co-operation with the Strandhill residents.

In response to members queries, Ms F. Meagher advised that a submission had been received on Monday 3rd March, 2003, from Strandhill Community Development Association outlining their proposed amendments to the Strandhill Draft Local Area Plan.  Ms Meagher advised that although this submission had been received outside the statutory period for submissions a further document containing the comments of the Planners on these proposed amendments had been prepared and circulated to the members.

Cllr D. Bree referred to submission made by Mr H. Rowan dated 8th January, 2003, which he claimed was not considered by the planners in preparing the Mangers Report and he sought the legal position on this matter.  Mr Brendan Carolan, Senior Planner, clarified that in general the legal position is that all submissions must be considered prior to formal adoption of the plan and he confirmed that this position would be complied with.

Cllr T. McLoughlin welcomed the representatives from the Strandhill Community Development Association to the meeting and asked that consideration be given to their proposals as submitted.


Following further discussion it was:

Proposed by Cllr Bree
Seconded by Deputy Devins


“to adjourn the meeting for a short period to discuss matters with the residents of Strandhill who were in attendance at the meeting.”

Following resumption of the meeting it was:

Proposed by Cllr Bree
Seconded by Cllr Perry that

“Pg 5, 1.4 Sligo County Development Plan 1999-2004 – second last paragraph
To the paragraph that begins ‘Under its community facilities policy, the Council will assist in the provision of community centres, crèches, playing fields’.

Add the following text; - playgrounds etc by identifying and reserving suitably located sites including the community owned (vested in Sligo County Council) car park at Lwr. Buenos Ayres Drive.”

Agreement was not reached in relation to this motion.

Ms F. Meagher, Senior Executive Planner, stated it would not be advisable to amend the plan to reflect the proposals of the Residents Association at this stage. 

She added that all issues must be weighed up including the fact that some matters raised have been already reflected in the Managers Report and others may conflict with proposals as set out in the plan.  Further, she added that the general public have not had an opportunity to consider the residents submission.

Ms F. Meagher further advised that the final statutory deadline to put amendments on public display is 24th March, 2003.  She added that if this deadline is not adhered to the entire procedure would have to be recommenced.

Following a further discussion on the matter it was Proposed by Deputy Devins
Seconded by Cllr McLoughlin


“that the Special Meeting of Sligo County Council held on 7th March, 2003 be adjourned to 24th March, 2003 at 11.00 am”.

In light of this resolution, as agreed, Cllr Bree withdrew his motion.


The meeting concluded 1.45 p.m.

Meeting Date 07/03/2003