Leasing Process

What is the process?

1. Property Owner Submits Proposal

Sligo County Council considers the proposal and will make an assessment as to the need for housing in the area and consider if leasing or renting the property complies with its sustainable communities policy. Sligo County Council will contact the property owner to discuss the proposal in more detail and County Council will also discuss the rent amount payable on the property at this point with the property owner.

2. Property Owner Facilitates Inspection

If the property is in a location where the Sligo County Council has a housing need, the property will be inspected to determine if it is appropriate for leasing or renting.

3. Lease, Rental Agreement and Supporting Documents

Once the property passes the inspection process, a proposed lease or rent agreement and request for supporting documentation will be issued to the property owner. Supporting documents required may include proof of ownership, lenders consent if required, and evidence of planning and building control compliance, etc. A tax clearance certificate and BER certificate are required.

4. Sign Agreements

The property owner and the local authority sign the lease or rental agreement for a set term. Tenants are allocated to the property and both parties adhere to the conditions of the arrangement for the term agreed