Apply for Council Housing

Sligo County Council housing has traditionally been the main option for those who could not afford housing from their own resources. While other housing options have been introduced in recent years, local authorities remain the main providers of social housing, making available a range of rented housing to meet a variety of accommodation needs. 

Housing support means Council owned, RAS, Leased and Voluntary Housing Association dwellings.

Where do I apply?

Visit our Application forms section or forms can be obtained from the Housing Department and submitted to Sligo County Council, Housing Department, County Hall, Riverside, Sligo.  Please see further Contact information.  

Am I eligible for Social Housing?

  • You must be in genuine need of housing and be unable to provide accommodation from your own resources.
  • Right to live in Ireland - You must have a legal right to remain in the State on a long term basis.
  • Age - You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Income - your net income must be below the thresholds below:-
Single Adult2 Adults1 Adult 1 Child1 Adult 2 Children2 Adults 1 Child2 Adults 3 Children3 Adults 4 Children
€30,000 €31,500 €30,750 €31,500 €32,250 €33,750 €36,000


Housing Areas

You may apply to one Local Authority only. Changes of areas of choice may be made once in any twelve month period by completing Areas of Choice Information Leaflet (PDF) - 784 kbs  /   Do Chéadrogha Limistéar(éir) Bileog Eolais (PDF) - 126 kbs  

How long will it take before I get offered housing?

Unfortunately this cannot be determined. It should be noted that allocations take into account such things as household needs i.e. bed need, areas of choice and demand for housing in the selected areas.  Also, in addition to the above, changes in family or extenuating circumstances may affect a household’s position on the waiting list.  All houses are allocated in accordance with Sligo County Council’s Allocation Scheme (PDF) - 599 kbs  

What happens if I refuse an offer of housing?

Should you refuse two offers of housing within a twelve month period your application will be suspended for twelve months. Your application will be re-activated after this period however this suspension will not count as time on the housing list.  You will not be on the Council’s Housing List for the suspension period and will not have access to social housing support.  Your entitlement to Supplementary Rent Allowance may also be affected .

How can I change information on my application?

You are required to notify us in writing of any change in your circumstances for example, family size, income, contact details, change of address by completing Change of Address / Update of Information (PDF) - 363 kbs  / Athrú ar Sheoladh / Faisnéis Nua a Thabhairt (PDF) - 104 kbs ‌ so that we can keep your file up-to-date.

Further Information

Sligo County Council, Housing Department, County Hall, Riverside, Sligo is open to the public Monday to Friday 9.30am to 1pm

The offices can also be contacted by Telephone on 071 911 1111 or by e-mail