Ballymote-Tobercurry Minutes 2014

Minutes of Budget Meeting of The Municipal District of Ballymote-Tobercurry held on Wednesday, 8th October, 2014 at 3pm in Meeting Room 1, Teach Laighne, Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo


  • Councillor Martin Baker
  • Councillor Michael Clarke
  • Councillor Margaret Gormley
  • Councillor Jerry Lundy
  • Councillor Dara Mulvey
  • Councillor Eamon Scanlon
  • Councillor Paul Taylor



  • Mr. Ciarán Hayes, Chief Executive
  • Ms. Marie Leydon, Head of Finance
  • Ms. Dorothy Clarke, Director of Services
  • Mr. Tom Kilfeather, Director of Services
  • Mr. Bartley Gavin, A/Director of Services
  • Ms. Sinéad Branley, Staff Officer



  • Councillor Joseph Queenan



The Cathaoirleach, Councillor M. Baker presided.



Ms. Leydon, Head of Finance outlined details of the General Municipal Allocation (GMA) document circulated to the members with the agenda. She then proceeded to give an overview of the Draft Budgetary Plan and the discretionary elements of same.  Maintenance and payroll costs are not included in the discretionary figures.  Most of the figures presented are on a county wide basis.  Ms. Leydon stated that there was some discretion for members under Division F – Recreation and Amenity. 

The Chief Executive, Mr. Hayes then proceeded to highlight the following points to the members;

  • Due to the financial constraints on the Council discretionary funding is very limited.  However as previously stated there is some availability under the Recreation and Amenity Division.
  • He indicated to the members that going forward discretionary spending would be directed by the policies put in place by the SPCs which will then go before the full Council for adoption.

Mr. Kilfeather, Director of Services made some comments regarding the Roads and Transport Division.

  • Sligo County Council’s own contribution to the Roads Programme is less than 5% leaving the Council heavily reliant on grants for its Road Schemes.
  • The split in the 2014 Roads budget is approximately 68% for the Ballymote-Tobercurry Municipal District and 32% for the Sligo Municipal District.
  • The Department have given no indication as yet regarding  the ‘Block Grant’ Allocation for 2015.

The members then proceeded to comment on the figures presented and in response to their queries Mr. Hayes stated the following;

  • Sligo is at a disadvantage due to the low return on LPT figures.  There are a lot of demands on a limited amount of funding.  It is acknowledged that the roads network in rural areas is a major concern for members, however the issue  for the Council is lack of funding.  If additional funds are allocated to roads then this funding has to be taken from somewhere else.
  • Health and Safety:  The Council cannot compromise in this area.
  • Workforce Plan: A report will be presented to members at the November meeting of the full Council.  Mr. Hayes stated that the Department have in fact sought further cuts in staff and a reduction in discretionary income, both of which he will be resisting.

The members then had a further discussion with regards to the area of housing including queries on IWIL’s, once off builds and grant applications.

In response Mr. Gavin, A/Director of Services and Ms. Clarke, Director of Services stated that there was not as much demand for IWIL’s as there had been in the past but that every application would be looked at on its own merit.  One off Builds would also be considered if a more favourable cost effective option could not be found.  Grant applications currently on hand amount to approximately €1m and are being dealt with.

The Chief Executive, Mr. Hayes clarified that it is a reserved function to adopt the Budgetary Plan with or without amendments.  If the members do not pass the resolution the Chief Executive incorporates the plan, as presented to the members into the General Council Budget.

It was then

Proposed by Councillor J. Lundy
Seconded by Councillor M. Clarke

“To approve the draft Budgetary Plan as presented to the members.”

Following discussion the Cathaoirleach then called for a vote.

FOR: Clarke, Lundy, Scanlon (3)

AGAINST: Baker, Gormley, Mulvey, Taylor (4)

NOT PRESENT: Queenan (1)

As the result was 3 for, with 4 against, the Cathaoirleach declared the motion lost.



Proposed by Councillor M. Gormley
Seconded by Councillor P. Taylor


“That best wishes be extended to the Tubbercurry Senior GAA Football Team on their forthcoming County Final match against St. Mary’s on Sunday 12th October, 2014”.



The meeting ended at 4.45pm


Meeting Date 08/10/2014