Ballymote-Tobercurry Minutes 2014

Minutes of Special Meeting of The Municipal District of Ballymote-Tobercurry Area To Discuss Enniscrone Local Area Plan at 11am on Thursday 10th July 2014 in Diamond Coast Hotel Enniscrone


  • Councillor Martin Baker (Chair)
  • Councillor Michael Clarke
  • Councillor Margaret Gormley
  • Councillor Jerry Lundy
  • Councillor Dara Mulvey
  • Councillor Joe Queenan
  • Councillor Paul Taylor



  • Ms Marie Leydon, Head of Finance
  • Mr Tom Kilfeather, Director of Services,
  • Mr Frank Moylan, A/Senior Planner
  • Ms Mihaela Davidescu, A/Senior Executive Planner
  • Ms Leonora McConville, Executive Planner
  • Mr Noel Ballantyne, A/Executive Technician
  • Mr Kevin Colreavy, Administrative Officer



  • Councillor E Scanlon
  • Mr C Hayes, Chief Executive



Chair Councillor Martin Baker welcomed the elected members, staff and members of the public to the meeting and outlined the purpose of the meeting was to consider the Draft Enniscrone Local Area Plan for Enniscrone.



Ms M Davidescu A/Senior Executive Planner, presented an overview of the First Chief Executive’s Report on submissions and observations received in relation to the Draft Enniscrone Local Area Plan 2014-2020. 

Ms Davidescu explained that it is a requirement of the Planning Acts that an existing local Area Plan be amended or revoked at least every six years after the making of the previous Plan. While consultation on the review of the Enniscrone LAP took place in 20012-2013, Sligo County Council did not commence the formal review until 2014. Following pre-draft consultation in January 2014, a Draft LAP was placed on public display from 24th April to 6th June 2014.  A total of thirteen submissions were received in response to the invitation to comment on the Draft, the contents of which were summarised in the Chief Executive’s report presented to the members.

Ms Davidescu advised that if a material alteration was made to the draft, that alteration would be placed on public display and a further Manager’s Report would be brought before the Members.



In response to queries from Members, F Moylan, A/Senior Planner advised that the Record of Protected Structures was not being reviewed as part of the Enniscrone Local Area Plan. A full review of the current RPS will be undertaken as part of the statutory review of the County Development Plan which will commence in 2015.  The Planning Acts set out a procedure for making additions to the RPS which includes a requirement for notifying the owners / occupiers of the property and inviting their observations on the proposed addition. 



It was agreed that the issue of upgrading footpaths in the area of the ocean Sands Hotel would be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.



Following a discussion in relation to a tourism-related proposal at Muckduff and issues surrounding car-parking, it was proposed by Councillor Queenan, seconded by Councillor Clarke, and resolved, ‘To amend the Draft Plan to zone the land outlined in red on the attached map to tourist-related uses and to incorporate an objective to provide a publicly accessible car-park comprising a minimum of 100 spaces within these lands. The road objective which traverses these lands should also be amended in accordance with option 2 of submission no. 12’


At the conclusion of the meeting, it was proposed by Councillor Joe Queenan, seconded by Councillor Clarke, and resolved, that, ‘Having considered Draft Local Area Plan for Enniscrone, the associated SEA and AA Reports and the Chief Executive’s Report dated 27 June 2014, it appeared to the members of the Planning Authority that the Draft Plan should be altered in accordance with the resolution(s) passed at this meeting and that the proposed alteration would, if made, be a material alteration of the Draft Plan.It is hereby resolved in accordance with the Planning and Development Act 2000, as amended, that the proposed amendment(s) be put on public display for a period of not less than four weeks and that submissions and observations be invited from the public for further consideration by the Planning Authority.’


The meeting concluded at 12.15pm





Meeting Date 10/07/2014