Business Improvement District

BID LogoA Business Improvement District (BID) is driven by a Company comprised of business persons working in conjunction with their local authority (which nominates a minority of members to its Board) to carry out activities over and above those already carried out by their Local Authority. Its functions are agreed by the business persons themselves at the outset of the process in consultation with, and following the agreement of, the local authority. It is funded by a levy on ratepayers within the BID area and may also generate income from other sources (these might include, for example, participation in EU or cross-border programmes, joint co-funding with their local authority, etc.) Following the requisite consultation, a vote in favour of proceeding with the BID proposal and the supporting by at least one third of Councillors of a resolution by to introduce a BID, it comes into effect on a date set down in the aforementioned resolution.

The extract from the application to Sligo County Council to form a BID sets out the activities which the Company proposes to undertake over its proposed five-year life span (at which stage another vote will be necessary should it be proposed that it should continue in operation) in Sligo:

“The key objective of the BID scheme is to develop and implement a series of new and additional initiatives that are designed to further promote and improve the trading environment and create footfall for the area within the BID boundary in which the ratepayers operate their businesses. It will additionally improve the image of Sligo from the perspective of new businesses and the quality of life for residents and workers in the BID area. The following sample initiatives are designed to promote Sligo as the destination of choice with a strong cultural and leisure focus, that is, a great place to shop, work, be entertained, live and visit.

Business Promotion 

  • Positive Image Perception through Marketing and PR
  • Attract Businesses to Vacant Premises
  • Web Site, Mobile Application & Communications
  • Christmas Festivities
  • Visitors Welcome Packs (for new businesses)
  • Fireworks Displays
  • Trade Show Attendance, Nationally and Internationally
  • Familiarisation visits and site inspections
  • Purple Flag (Safety and Security)
  • Improving the Physical Environment
  • Development Of A City Centre Performance Space
  • Dedicated Coach Parking
  • Footfall Counters
  • Voucher / Loyalty Card Scheme
  • Access Additional funding

Sample Events

  • Christmas Festival
  • Cannon Ball
  • Food Festivals
  • Music Festivals
  • Grow MICE market (meetings, incentives, conferences and events)
  • Sligo Events Diary x 12 months
  • Other Events

Cost Saving Projects

  • Wi-Fi Project
  • Utility Bills/Insurance
  • Trade Waste/Recycling
  • Advertising
  • EU, National, Local Grant Applications 

Please note that the above information and any other general information posted on this website and elsewhere relating to the formation of a Business Improvement District in Sligo are not a legal interpretation and cannot be relied upon in such a context. In any such context, the Local Government Act, 2001 as amended by the Local Government (Business Improvement Districts) Act 2006 and associated other statutory provisions are paramount.

The Sligo BID Ltd submits the following proposal in accordance with section 129C of the Local Government (Business Improvement Districts) Act 2006 to the Sligo County Council - the relevant Rating Authority - to establish a Business Improvement District (BID scheme) in the city of Sligo.

Sligo Business Improvement District (BID) Submission - 271 kbs  PDF