Sligo Rowing Club Reception

Sligo Rowing Club outline exciting plans at reception in County Hall

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Sligo Rowing Club were honoured on Thursday evening at a reception in County Hall jointly hosted by Cathaoirleach Councillor Tom MacSharry and Mayor Councillor Gino O’Boyle.

The Cathaoirleach Councillor MacSharry said

‘One experience I have learned from public life is that there are a number of voluntary organisations working quietly behind the scenes performing outstanding work.  One such group is Sligo Rowing Club, and I am honoured that we are publicly acknowledging their contribution with this joint reception this evening.  There has been a tradition of rowing in Sligo going back many years, and what better setting could you have than the majestic surroundings of the Garavaogue and Lough Gill, an amenity that is the envy of other clubs throughout the country.

Indeed for this reason Sligo is one of the favourite locations for other rowing clubs, and I believe this is a treasure on our door-steps that we can market and promote in association with the local tourism and other agencies.  The website you are launching will be the perfect mechanism to facilitate this project, as it will allow you to capture and relay the visual stunning beauty of the lake and its surrounds.

However the immediate priority is to grow and develop the local Sligo club, and you are perfectly positioned to deliver on this objective.’

Mayor Councillor Gino O’Boyle said

‘Our primary purpose at this forum is to promote the launch of your new website, and this will be a key asset in terms of showcasing the club, enhancing its profile, and greatly increasing public awareness of your activities and programmes.  We also avail of this opportunity to promote the ‘Head of the River’ race which will be held on the Garavogue on 15th February, an event which will have participants from all over the country.

I think the key element in the enduring success in any sporting or community organisation is the quality of its volunteers and commitment of its members, and in this respect Sligo Rowing Club is certainly built on strong foundations, with a perfect mix of youth and experience to guide the club into the future.

Like any dynamic organisation, the club is ambitious and progressive, with exciting plans for the future, including a new clubhouse.’

Guests from Sligo Rowing Club delivered a series of presentations:

Tommy Colsh gave an overview of the club and its history, and acknowledged the support of the various agencies who assisted them with their plans. Including Sligo County Council, Sligo Sports & Recreation Partnership and the Government’s Sports Capital Programme

Donal Hackett presented a ‘tour’ of the club’s new website, a beautifully presented and detailed guide to the club’s membership and activities.

Molua Donohoe outlined details of the forthcoming ‘Head of the Rivers’ race, and guests were shown a stunning visual display of the route taken by drone.

Rory Clarke gave a detailed history of the club and acknowledged the contribution made by its members and volunteers in many capacities.  He presented a very positive vision for the club’s future, centered around plans for a shared boat-house facility for Sligo Rowing and Sligo Kayak Club.

The guests speakers were honoured for their service with a special presentation by the Cathaoirleach and Mayor.