Safeguarding the public in town centre streets

Safeguarding the public in town centre streets

A Temporary COVID-19 Mobility Plan for Sligo town centre will improve physical distancing for Pedestrians on the busier town core centre streets during the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan was prepared by Sligo County Council having consulted with Sligo BID Business Members and other various stakeholders, including consideration of representations made on behalf of vulnerable road users and cyclists. The plan is a ‘living document’ and will be subject to review over the coming weeks and months ahead, as Government and HSE advice on social distancing is updated.

According to a spokesperson for Sligo Business Improvement District (Sligo BID)‘These measures are being introduced to protect and safeguard pedestrians on our town centre streets, and will provide an enhanced and secure shopping experience. With shops and businesses re-opening under the current phase of the Covid emergency measures, it is essential that we provide the local community and visitors with a proper, safe, shopping environment.’

While the plan sees the temporary removal of a limited number of car-parking spaces, Sligo town centre is very well catered for in terms of parking facilities There are over 2,300 public car parking spaces in Sligo town between on-street parking and car-parks. When you include the many private parking facilities, Sligo is very well catered for in this respect, with over 3,800 spaces available within 750m radius of town centre

A new  ‘click and collect’ facility has been introduced in designated areas of John St and Market St  to allow short term parking for up to 20 minutes free of charge

Under Stage 1 of the plan, changes to car parking provision and delivery locations came into effect from 15th June.  It is also proposed to introduce a one way system for pedestrians on a number of the town core centre streets which will be reinforced with appropriate signage and lining

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