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Collaborative Commission Opportunity - Call for Proposals

Collaborative Commission Opportunity - Call for Proposals

As part of Sligo's Culture and Creativity Strategy 2018 - 2022, Sligo County Council, in partnership with Creative Ireland, will curate and host an international conference on the role of culture in the regeneration of small cities in March 2021.

Re-imagining Our Town : RIOT : SLIGO, the virtual conference, will present curated conversations between change-makers from places transformed through collaborations between artists,  communities, businesses and innovators from the arts, culture and creative industries, touching many strata of society and economies.   The conference aims to present a wide understanding of culture that will inspire a working strategy to re-imagine Sligo and other towns and small cities.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic many questions will be raised about how our economy and society is organised and functions at present and in the future.   The conference presents an opportunity to engage with these questions in the Sligo context.

RIOT : SLIGO will provide an opportunity to rethink the city and consider its future.   This future will be shaped by our creativity, our imagination, our innovations, our heritage, our ability to work together  -  our culture.  The event will present working challenges to leading thinkers and creatives from culture, community and business backgrounds drawn from Sligo, Ireland and International sources.  

The commission will be a significant feature of the conference and ideally will have a life beyond the conference.  The commission should capture the imagination of the public. The creators/collaborators should consider ways of encouraging a national conversation about Re-Imagining Our Town activated through the commissioned work.

The commission can be related to a site or multiple sites in Sligo town or be non-site related.  It may be a work created for online engagement only, but it must be easily accessible to conference delegates and the public.  The commissioners are open to all forms of presentation, exhibition or performance.   


The completed work must be delivered by Friday 12 March 2021.  The completed work will be launched/revealed/exhibited/performed during the conference 23-24 March 2021.

The commission budget is €15,000 and is inclusive of fees, VAT and all associated costs. 

The budget will be allocated on a phased basis over 2020 and 2021.

How to apply - please send us

  1. A 2-page proposal describing
    • the concept
    • the production process
    • the timeline
    • the presentation of the final outcome
  2. In your proposal, include a description of the collaborators, their practices and why you want to collaborate.   Who will take the lead on the project?
  3. Tell us about your track record in delivering relevant creative projects or commissions.
  4. Send us a maximum of 6 images, recordings, video or relevant work in other media that you have produced by web links or e-file.
  5. Your CVs

All documents must be submitted via email to  Hardcopy submissions will not be accepted. Please ensure large files (over 1MB) are submitted via wetransfer ( Images should be no smaller than 150 dpi and not exceed 300 dpi.

Deadline:  4pm Monday 14th December 2020