N4-N15 Urban Improvement Scheme

N4-N15 Urban Improvement Scheme will bring major benefits

The N4-N15 Sligo Urban Improvement Scheme north of Sligo town will increase capacity and reduce congestion along this section of the National Primary Road. Earlier this week the N15 southbound diversion on approach to Sligo town was lifted, the restriction on traffic travelling from the Rosses Point Road turning right into Sligo was also removed.

The total scheme cost is €14 million and it is anticipated that works will be substantially completed by Q2 2021. The scheme will considerably enhance the experience of all mode of transport users along with generating wider benefits to the region.
The completed scheme will facilitate the continued economic development of Sligo by reducing journey times and increasing journey time reliability, and by maintaining strong connectivity between Sligo and the wider strategic national road network. It will also strengthen connectivity along the Atlantic Economic Corridor.

Traffic Management measures are necessary with any major roads scheme, and there will be continuing delays and disruption to road users. Sligo County Council’s Director of Services Tom Kilfeather thanked the public for their ongoing patience and cooperation, noting that Traffic Management measures are communicated weekly on the Council’s social media platforms.

Scheme details

The project involves substantial Works on the dual carriageway and adjoining junctions, between Ballast Quay, northwards to the Circle-K Garage. The Works will considerably enhance the experience of all mode of transport users along this stretch of National Primary Road, along with providing wider benefits to the Region.


  • Promoting sustainable transport by providing segregated facilities for cyclists and pedestrians on both sides of the road over the full Scheme length.
  • Reducing congestion and increasing capacity by the introduction of longer filter lanes for right and left turning vehicles at each junction.
  • Optimising the flow of traffic through the junctions by the provision of a new state of the art modern traffic light system - Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
  • Future proofing the communications capacity in the area by the installation of the above mentioned Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) which feeds into Sligo County Council’s ‘Smart City’ initiative.
  • Along with other Schemes in the area including the Western Distributor Road, Eastern Garvogue Bridge and O’Connell Street Enhancement Schemes, enabling the delivery and success of desired high quality urban spaces in Sligo City Centre, with traffic calmed streets attractive to pedestrians and cyclists, by the provision of sufficient facilities for vehicular traffic outside the urban core.

Significant works

Diversions were in place for a number of months, which enabled significant works to take place on the Scheme north of the Duck Street Junction, including the construction of a new precast culvert for the Copper River over the entire width of the N15, major realignment to the Rosses Point Road Junction, widening of the dual carriageway, the provision of pedestrian and cycling facilities, the installation of Irish Water Capital Infrastructure and various utilities.

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Next phase

The main focus of construction works will now move southwards, between the N4/Duck Street Junction and Ballast Quay. Substantial works will take place over the next number of weeks at the Ballast Quay/N4 junction, in order to connect key new Irish Water Capital Infrastructure being provided as part of the Scheme.

Sligo County Council
11th November 2020