Your Council

Creating public awareness of Council’s services

Sligo County Council is working to increase public awareness of the services they provide and how the public benefits from those services and supports.

The local authority is running a new #YourCouncil campaign to raise awareness of the work they do and to inform the public about how they can engage with Council services.
Half of those asked in a recent survey carried out on behalf of the National Oversight and Audit Commission (NOAC) said they know “just a little” about the work of their council. The new #YourCouncil campaign is taking a step to address this lack of awareness.

"Sligo County Council provides hundreds of services to the public. These are very important services, and it is important they know what the services are, how they can learn more about them, and make full use of all the supports councils provide."

Cathaoirleach Councillor Tom MacSharry

"Like all local authorities, Sligo has a very wide remit. The huge array of services we provide may well be the very reason for limited awareness of what we do. The services we provide are intrinsic to the smooth running of the county, and through this campaign we hope to highlight our many service areas, activities, and proposals for the development and enhancement of our county"

Chief Executive Ciarán Hayes

Research shows that those with the least knowledge about their council are aged 18-25 so by creating a digital campaign, Sligo County Council is reaching out in particular to this group via the media they use most often. Sligo County Council is joining with the 30 other local authorities in the #YourCouncil campaign. Together, councils have over 2 million social media followers.