Works at Connaughton Road Car Park

Works at Connaughton Road Car Park

Sligo County Council is carrying out works at Connaughton Road car-park today, Tuesday 23rd April.

The works include

  • Clean up of the area, removal of end of life vehicles, scrap, waste, containers etc. Numerous complaints have been made to the Council relating to the activity and behaviour of those resident in the car park and the manner in which activities in the car park detracts from the area.
  • Repairs and improvement to the height control barrier. The barrier was the subject of an attack in which it was damaged and rendered ineffective. Today’s work will restore height control to the car park.
  • Part of the car park area cleared of waste today will be restored and returned to its original condition.

As with all construction operations planning for the work includes a risk assessment. Given the history relating to the site which includes violence to Council staff, the Gardaí are in attendance to ensure safety of the construction workers and maintenance of public order.

The Council is not in a position to comment in relation to discussions with the residents of the car park concerning provision of accommodation or offers of accommodation made to individual families.