Sligo Community Archaeology Project

Sligo Community Archaeology Project Underway

Sligo Community Archaeology Project Underway Tamlyn McHugh Archaeologist at Cashelbaun Fort

Sligo has an exceptional wealth of archaeological monuments spread throughout the county, from mounds and tombs to castles and medieval churches.

The archaeology of Sligo dates from earliest times to the present day and includes approximately 6,500 known sites which are located throughout our countryside.  Landowners, including farmers, developers, public bodies and the general public, are the custodians of this heritage resource.

Increasingly, local communities are realising the value of their local archaeological resource and there is a demand for greater community involvement with the county’s archaeology whether through directly experiencing sites and monuments, or by developing heritage trails, exhibitions or events.

During 2019, the Sligo Community Archaeology Project will focus on; Promoting awareness, knowledge and understanding of the local archaeological resource among individuals and community groups in the county; Promoting heritage best practice in relation to researching and undertaking works relating to archaeological monuments and; Developing a strategic approach to community archaeology in County Sligo, through working with key stakeholders on specific themes.

To date the archaeological sites and monuments in the ownership of Sligo County Council have been reviewed; public seminars have been held; a strategy for project was developed and the mentoring work with community groups which begun in 2018 is ongoing.

At a recent seminar, Councillor Rosaleen O’Grady said that

‘Sligo County Council place great value on this project and we look forward to future phases of the work and the benefits that it will bring to Sligo’s heritage and local communities.’

Councillor Seamus Kilgannon, Chair of Sligo Heritage Forum welcomed the initiative saying that

‘The ‘Sligo Community Archaeology Project’ is a key action of Sligo Heritage Forum for 2019.  It is an action of the County Sligo Heritage Plan 2016 – 2020 and is funded by Sligo County Council in partnership with The Heritage Council.  We are delighted that the project is being delivered by Tamlyn McHugh of Fadó Archaeology.  The project, which is now in its second phase will run from January to the end of May 2019.’

Community groups and individuals interested in their local archaeological monuments are encouraged to contact Tamlyn McHugh, Sligo Community Archaeology Project at 0868706529 or by email to

For general queries on the Sligo Community Archaeology Project please contact, Siobhán Ryan, Heritage Officer, Sligo County Council by emailing