Mayor Honours Order of Malta Volunteers

Mayor Honours Order of Malta Volunteers

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Mayor Councillor Gino O’Boyle has honoured the Sligo Order of Malta volunteers with a reception in recognition of their service to the community.


In his address, the Mayor said ‘The Order of Malta have earned a deserved reputation at local and national level for their professionalism and quiet efficiency.  They have been the re-assuring backdrop to numerous public events in our community, indeed in many instances these events would not have been possible without their presence.


The qualities that make an order of Malta volunteer are evident among our guests this evening, foremost among them a commendable desire to serve the common good. It is this ethic which has been your hallmark and overriding principle since the organisation was founded. The Order of Malta has been particularly well served by its volunteers in Sligo, and our guests here this evening bring a wealth of invaluable experience to their role, experience gained over many years of service.

Tradition of Volunteering

Together with your colleagues in Civil Defence, Fire Services and other front line services, your ability to work with other units as a cohesive team is one of your key attributes.  Sligo's tradition of volunteering is well established, and was publicly acknowledged in 2017 when Sligo was declared 'European Capital of Volunteering’ a fitting tribute to our county's many volunteers across all disciplines.

Special Qualities

To give so generously of your time, energy and expertise requires a person with special qualities, and the members the order of Malta family can reflect with great pride on their service and their achievements.

It is too seldom as a community that we publicly honour those who give special service, but I see this reception as an ideal opportunity to highlight the valued contribution you have made to our community.


It is also a welcome Order of Malta tradition that service often passes through generations of the same family, such is the loyalty and dedication people have to the organisation.  I hope by publicly reflecting on your achievements this evening, we might inspire other young people to consider joining the Order of Malta, it would open up new and exciting horizons for those with a yearning to serve and a desire to give something back to society.’

Remarkable Achievement

The Mayor paid a special tribute to Gerry Mulligan who is celebrating 50years as an Order of Malta Volunteer, ‘a remarkable achievement by any measure.’ The Mayor concluded his address by commending the volunteers: ‘Individually and collectively our special guests this evening are cherished by our local community, on their behalf I commend you for your service and I wish continued success in the future.’