Reception for Local Boxers

Mayor Hosts Reception for Local Boxers

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Mayor Councillor Rosaleen O'Grady has honoured three local champion boxers with a reception in County Hall:

  • Jason Clancy, IABA Senior Champion
  • Dean Clancy, IABA National Champion
  • BKB Champion Jimmy Sweeney

In her address Mayor O’Grady said ‘Sligo people have a special affection for their sporting heroes, we follow their exploits, we celebrate their successes, and this is true for the mainstream and minority sports around the county.  Dean and Jimmy Sweeney have each excelled in their chosen discipline;

Dean has won a series of national titles in an outstanding career, and was honoured with the accolade of ‘Best International Boxer’ at the 2017 IABA awards Jimmy’s rise to the top in the sport of ‘Bare knuckle Boxing’ has been equally remarkable, he is regarded as the sports to athlete having earned world titles across different divisions.


No one can progress to the pinnacle of their sport without major commitment and endurance, the countless hours of training and preparation, the restrictions on diet, the sacrifices are many, but the rewards are huge, as Dean, Jason and Jimmy have shown.  I think the two men we honour this evening will be the first to acknowledge that their many achievements would not have been possible without the major contribution of their coaches and trainers, the people who have guided and supported them throughout their careers.  Their expertise and experience have been an invaluable resource and they can also take great pride in these successes.


While Dean and Jimmy have achieved so much, there is no prospect of them resting on their laurels, and they all retain the same burning ambition and desire to progress their careers even further.  A very important element of this story is the way you have inspired the next generation of young sports people to follow in your foot-steps.  You have conveyed a very powerful message that with discipline ambition and sheer hard work, there is no limit to what you can achieve.’