Guests from Kempten and Crozon

Cathaoirleach Welcomes Guests from Kempten and Crozon

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Cathaoirleach Councillor Martin Baker described it as a ‘unique celebration as he welcomed guests from Sligo’s twins Crozon and Kempten to County Hall for a reception.

A delegation of Kempten Freemasons were in Sligo on a visit hosted by their Sligo counterparts, while President of Crozon Town Twinning Claudie Briand led a group on a sight-seeing tour of the county.



In his address the Cathaoirleach said ‘I see your visit here today as another important mile-stone in our close friendship.  Since the formal twinning agreements were signed many years ago, the people of Kempten and Crozon have been both welcome visitors and exceptional hosts, and this has been the foundation of our enduring association.


Kempten Visit

Indeed I had the pleasure of visiting Kempten in August;  As part of their Festival week we accepted the kind offer from the Mayor of Kempten to showcase and promote Sligo at an exhibition stand in their Festival park.  While the formal contacts were established between the local authorities in Kempten and Sligo, the contacts have evolved at many other levels, especially in the areas of education, music and culture.


Student Exchange

The first contact between Kempten and Sligo involved a student exchange programme, and the networks and friendships established by that initiative provided the inspiration to develop other projects.

The Erasmus Programme has proven to be an excellent initiative in terms of broadening the students horizons, and in this point I would like to welcome two friends from Kempten who are on a two month work placement with Sligo County Council, Miriam Harrer and Marina Kosel, both of who are doing great work and we are delighted to have them with us.  My hope is that this programme will be continued in future years and that students from Sligo will travel to accept work placements in Kempten.’