Glenview Halting Site

Media Statement Re: Halting site at Glenview

The halting site at Glenview contains 8 bays, 6 of which are unused and are derelict. The Sligo County Council Traveller Accommodation Plan 2014 – 2018 includes the following objective:

Glenview:  The Council will redevelop this site during the term of this plan and will endeavour to enlarge the site and provide more suitable accommodation for permanent families that are accommodated on the site.

The Council has advanced a scheme of group housing to deliver on the objective above.  The scheme has been the subject of extensive discussion with the family resident there.  The Council will willingly continue those discussions and towards settling on a scheme consistent with the housing need of the family.  The department of Planning and Local Government has indicated a willingness in principle to finance such a scheme.

Separately, Sligo County Council propose to refurbish the remaining six bays.  Currently those bays are unused and are dilapidated.  Separate developments on the Glenview site with two access points has been discussed with the family resident there on many occasions and going back several years.  Separate accesses will enable the group housing proceed for the family should they decide to pursue such housing.

The refurbishment of the 6 bays was approved by Sligo County Council at its monthly meeting today, 11th June.

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