Disposal of Scrap Cars

Disposal of Scrap Cars (End of Life Vehicles)

Disposal of Scrap Cars (End of Life Vehicles)

Sligo County Council would like to remind vehicle owners that when they wish to dispose of their unwanted or worn out vehicles, that this should only be done at an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF).

There are two such facilities in Co. Sligo: Clearway on Deep Water Quay, Sligo (071 915 3360) and North West Car Dismantlers in Cashelgarron, Carney, Co. Sligo (071 916 3243)

If you have a vehicle that is not road worthy, meaning you cannot take the vehicle to an authorised facility yourself, then the services of a permitted waste collector should be used.  Details of such collectors of scrap vehicles can be found at www.NWCPO.ie or by contacting the Local Authority.

When a vehicle is disposed of at an ATF, the registered owner must present the vehicle registration certificate (RF101) or the log book for the vehicle proving ownership.  A Certificate of Destruction (CoD) will be issued to the registered owner by the ATF, which should be kept safe by the owner as this is evidence that the vehicle has been properly disposed of.

This CoD is also required should a registered owner wish to claim back any motor tax that may have been paid past the end of the cars life.  All intact end-of-life vehicles will be accepted at an ATF from the registered owner of the vehicle free of charge.  Depending on circumstances, some facilities may pay the owner an appropriate amount.

The ATF will then notify the Vehicle Registration Unit of the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government in Shannon, Co. Clare and the destruction of your vehicle will be noted in the records of the National Vehicle File.

Registered owners of vehicles should ensure that they do not allow unpermitted waste collectors to take their vehicle as they may not be disposed of correctly and end up causing environmental pollution.  Until the registered owner has presented the log book/vehicle registration cert at the authorised treatment facility and received a Certificate of Destruction, they remain responsible for that vehicle.

Registered owners can be issued a Fixed Payment Notice under the End of Life Vehicle Regulations 2016 (as amended) where they are found to have disposed of a vehicle using an unauthorised facility/operator, the fine in this instance is €100.00. 

In summary:

  • Only use an authorised treatment facility/permitted collector
  • Ensure you receive a certificate of destruction from the authorised treatment facility and that you keep this certificate safe
  • If in doubt or have any queries contact Sligo County Councils Environment Section