Bathing prohibited at Mullaghmore Beach

Mullaghmore Beach - Temporary ban on bathing lifted

The temporary ban on bathing placed on Mullaghmore Beach on the 19th July 2018 has been lifted

A routine bathing water sample was taken at Mullaghmore beach on the16th July 2018, this sample was non-compliant with HSE/EPA trigger values for one parameter.

Following consultation with the HSE and in accordance with national protocol, the HSE recommended a prohibition on bathing as a precautionary measure. A Bathing Water Prohibition Notice was erected at the beach on the 19th July 2018. A follow up sample was taken on 19th July 2018, results of the sample detail a return to excellent water quality and following consultation with the HSE the ban on bathing has been lifted.

Sligo County Council will continue to monitor all bathing areas in the County throughout the bathing season and results of this monitoring can be viewed locally on beach notice boards, on Sligo County Council’s website at and on a dedicated bathing water information site hosted by the EPA.