Pay and Display Parking Meter

Pay and Display Parking in Sligo

Sligo County Council have introduced Pay and Display Parking Meters to Sligo.  Over 78 meters have been installed throughout the city at designated locations. The new meters are designed to accept payment for parking by euro coins.  Parking meters will only accept 10c, 20c, 50c, 1euro, 2 euro coins.  Some parking meters will also accept credit cards (see displays on parking meters for details)

The Parking Meters will not give change so it will be necessary to have the correct fee to hand.


Please note the Pay and Display parking meters will allow the purchase of parking tickets in advance.

A parking ticket permitting parking from 8.30 am in the morning may be purchased outside the hours of operation that is after 18.30 pm – 12 midnight the previous evening for the next day when the parking controls are again in operation.  Parking tickets can also be purchased at the daily parking meters for one week by inserting the correct amount of money.

A person can also purchase an Annual or Monthly Parking Permit for daily or hourly car parks. Enquires to Finance Section, Sligo County Council on Telephone 071 9111111


Whatever your preferred choice of payment, the Pay and Display meter provides the motorists with a receipt to display on the windshield of the vehicle which can also be used as proof of payment.  Please ensure that the parking ticket is displayed correctly to avoid getting a traffic fine.

Charges and Business Hours

Parking Charges apply

  • Between the hours of 8.30am and 6.30 pm – Monday to Saturday inclusive
  • Between 12 noon and 6.00pm on Public Holidays.
  • Free Parking on Sunday

Hourly Parking

The minimum charge for On-Street and Hourly car parks is 40c for 20 minutes. The fee of €1.20 will apply for a period of up to one hour.

Exception is Abbey Street Car Park and The Mall Car Park where the minimum payment is 30c for 20 mins.  The fee of €0.90 will apply for a period of up to one hour in these carparks.

The list of Hourly Car Parks is as follows:

  • Wine Street Car Park,
  • Stephen Street Car Park,
  • Quay Street Car Park,
  • Abbey Street Car Park,
  • The Mall Car Park,
  • Adelaide Street Car Park.

Daily Parking

The Charge for Daily Car Parks is €3 per day.

The list of Daily Car Parks is as follows:

  • Market Place Car Park,**
  • St. Annes Car Park,
  • Upper and Lower Connaughton Road Car Parks 

**  Note:  

Market Place Car Park

Parking is prohibited from 8 am - 7 pm in car parking spaces outlined (casual trading bays) on a Friday and Saturday in Market Place Car Park.  Illegal parking in these areas will result in your vehicle being towed and payment of a fee must be made to release the vehicle. Storage charges will also apply per day if vehicle is not picked up immediately.

Entry to or use of a ticket parking place is subject to the conditions that the council accepts no liability or responsibility for damage to any person or property or for any loss of any description however caused. Persons entering or using a ticket parking place do so therefore entirely at their own risk.

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