Requirements and Standards

Property requirements

Properties are required where there is a general demand for housing, primarily in urban areas, i.e. towns and cities around the country. Generally, one, two and three bedroom houses and apartments are required. A limited number of four bedroom houses are required.

Property standards

Each local authority will set out its own specific requirements for properties. However, the following will apply in all areas: 

  • Properties must be in good condition and will be subject to inspection by the local authority or the AHB.
  • Properties must be compliant with the Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations 2008 and must comply with all Planning and Building Regulations.
  • BER certificates will be required for all properties. Minimum BER criteria may apply in some local authority areas.
  • Bed-sits will not be considered.  

How to make a proposal

Property owners interested in either of the options available can submit details of their property to Sligo County Council on the submission template

Enquiries in relation to the Rental Accommodation Scheme can also be made by contacting the RAS co-ordinator in Sligo County Council directly.

Property owners considering making proposals to an AHB should contact the organisation directly. Contact details for AHBs are available on and

Furnishing of Leased Properties

All properties that are leased under the Social Housing Leasing Initiative must be furnished and include certain appliances. Market rent is typically agreed on the basis of a furnished property. The furnishings and appliances provided within a property are a factor in agreeing the market rent level. Over the period of a long-term lease, typically 15 to 19 years, it is likely that furnishings and appliances would have to be repaired and upgraded. Property owners who enter into a leasing agreement with Sligo County Council will avoid any on-going responsibility for furnishing the property or for maintaining or repairing any furniture or appliances that are initially provided. Property owners can factor in these cost savings over the course of their lease arrangement and make provisions for a refurbishment when the lease expires.

When entering into a leasing agreement, property owners accept that, at the end of the lease term, furnishings and appliances may not be returned. Any furniture and appliances that are left in the property will revert to the ownership of the property owner and are not subject to the requirement to have them in the same condition as at the outset of the lease, subject to fair wear and tear.

In summary:

  • The property owner will provide a furnished property including appliances, as specified by the Sligo County Council.
  • The property owner will agree within the lease that these furnishings do not have to be returned at the end of the lease term and that the housing authority/AHB is not liable to the owner for repairs or replacements at the end of the lease term.
  • Sligo County Council seeks a warranty from the property owner for a period of a number of weeks after the commencement of the lease for the appliances provided.
  • Repair and replacement of furniture and appliances will be the responsibility of the tenant residing in the property

Recommended minimum acceptable furnishings and appliances

The level of furnishings and appliances required will depend on the size and nature of the proposed property. Sligo County Council will inspect the property and inform the property owner of the specific requirements. As a guide, the following general points should be noted:

  • All rooms or parts of the property must have an appropriate floor covering. All windows should have appropriate window coverings e.g. blinds and/or curtains.
  • Each bathroom/en-suite should include a bathroom cabinet and the shower unit should have an adequate shower screen. Floor coverings should be water resistant.
  • Each bedroom should include an appropriate sized bed for that room. Each bed should include a minimum of a bed base and a mattress. One wardrobe (integrated or free standing) per room should be provided as a minimum.
  • The dining area should have a table and an adequate number of chairs to suit the expected occupancy level. The living area should include a minimum of a suite of furniture appropriate to the room size.
  • The kitchen should include the following items as a minimum:
  • A cooker/oven and 4 ring hob
  • Fridge-freezer unit or separate fridge and freezer
  • Washing Machine (a dryer may also be required in some circumstances)
  • Cooker hood or an extractor fan.


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