3 – Transportation and Infrastructure Policy

Minutes of Strategic Policy Committee 3 – Transportation and Infrastructure Policy Meeting held on 13th November, 2008


  • Councillor John Sherlock (Cathaoirleach)  
  • Councillor Gormley,
  • Councillor Murray.


  • Councillor G. Lundy,
  • K. McDaniel


  • M. Rochford.


  • Mr. T. Kilfeather, Director of Services
  • Mr. T. Carroll, Senior Engineer
  • Mr. T. Brennan, Senior Engineer
  • Mr. D. Harrison, Senior Executive Engineer
  • Mr. J. O’Dwyer, Senior Executive Officer
  • Mr. M. Feeney, Administrative Officer


Minutes of Meeting held on 16th October, 2007 having been circulated were taken as read and confirmed on the proposal of Councillor Gormley and seconded by Councillor Murray.


Chairman raised the matter of illegal roadside car sales. The Director agreed to meet with representatives of S.I.M.I.


Presentations were made by Mr. T. Carroll, Senior Engineer and Mr. T. Brennan, Senior Engineer following the presentations Councillors and representatives raised matters of concern relative to the condition of the road network in the county and funding. The committee then unanimously agreed a proposal by Councillor Murray seconded by Councillor Gormley that the constituency Dáil deputies be invited to the next committee meeting to discuss funding for the provision of an improved road network in the county.


4.1   D. Harrison, A/Senior Engineer presented a report on water services activity to the committee. Committee members again raised the issue of funding and agreed that they would also raise this with the Dáil deputies at the forthcoming meeting.

The Director indicated in general that the Council across both services was in a position of general readiness to advance schemes to construction stage with the main impediment being that of funding.

In this regard he highlighted that the water services investment programme 2007/2012 required a Council contribution of circa €50m; this against a backdrop of declining development levy funding. The Council also had to be cognisant of pressure from the EPA particularly with regard to public supplies at Kilsellagh and T

5.     A.O.B.

5.1  Schedule next meeting for January, 2009 subject to the availability of the constituency Dáil deputies.

Meeting Date 13/11/2008