2 - Environmental Policy

Minutes of Strategic Policy Committee 2 (Environmental Policy) held on Thursday 16th February at 11.00 a.m. in the Meeting Room, Environment Section, Cleveragh Business Park, Sligo.


  • Cllr. P. Conmy


  • Councillor M. Barrett,
  • Councillor G. Mullaney,
  • Councillor R. O’Grady,
  • Mayor, S. Ward, 


  • Mr. Pat Forkan, Director of Service,
  • Ms. Emer Concannon, Senior Executive Engineer
  • Ms. Breda Ronayne, Administrative Officer,
  • Ms. Pamela Bergin, Executive Scientist
  • Ms. Rosie Morrisey, Executive Technician
  • Mr. Conall Calleary, Veterinary Officer,
  • Mr. Matthew Byrne, Waste Enforcement Officer,
  • Ms. Aideen Feeney, Litter Warden
  • Ms. Fiona Kelly, Environmental Awareness Officer
  • Ms. Mairead Clerkin, Staff Officer,
  • Ms. Ann Johnston, Assistant Staff Officer


  • B. Queenan,
  • J. McHugh

In the absence of Cllr. J. McGarry, Chairman of SPC, it was proposed by Cllr. Mullaney and seconded by Cllr. Barrett that Cllr. P. Conmy take the Chair.

It was decided to deal with Item 7 – Drinking Water Monitoring and Item 6 – Slurry Spreading in Proximity to Dwelling Houses as the first two items for discussion at the meeting.


Ms. Bergin gave a short presentation on the quality of public water supplies in County Sligo for 2005.

Mr. Forkan commented that the overall percentage results in 2005 were a big improvement on 2004’s figures.   He stated that sampling on Lough Easkey would be further concentrated on in 2006 in reply to Cllr. Conmy’s comment on the scheme.

Cllr Barrett thanked Ms. Bergin for her detailed presentation of all public water supply schemes in the county.


Ms. Concannon outlined to the meeting the current recommendations in relation to slurry spreading in proximity to dwelling houses and water courses.


Proposed by Cllr. Mullaney
Seconded by Sally Ward


“To confirm and adopt minutes of Environmental Policy meeting held on 17th November 2005”


There were no matters arising from the Minutes of SPC meeting on 17th November 2005


 Ms. Concannon gave a presentation on the main aspects of the plan as follows:
- Sligo’s obligations under the Review  Plan
- Sligo’s focus under the new Plan is now on an Organic Waste and Construction and Demolition (C & D) Facility
- Achievement’s to date under the first plan which include pay-by-use waste collection system, Waste Presentation Bye-Laws, Environmental Awareness & Waste & Litter Enforcement

Mr. Forkan stated that over 100 submissions for the draft plan had been received and it is now expected that the plan will be up for adoption in April.

Cllr. Mullaney asked if any plans were in place to provide a C & D site.  In reply, Mr. Forkan stated that a suitable site at Union, Sligo had been located but was not approved by members.   He also stated that the Council were looking into the possibility of looking for sites in the private sector but that the site at Union could be re-considered for approval.

Ms. Ward questioned the prospect of a landfill site in Sligo and how the Council propose to deal with waste packaging.  Ms. Concannon in reply stated that Sligo was not obliged under the Plan to provide a landfill site and that the issue of packaging would be dealt with further through enforcement in 2006.

Cllr’s Conmy and Mullaney asked about the collection of silage bale wrapping and stated that this issue is still a major problem in Sligo for farmers.   Ms. Concannon replied that negotiations with the Recycling Centre in Tubbercurry were ongoing with the possibility that farmers could leave the wrappings there for collection.  However, it was felt that this should not have to be arranged as farmers were paying their fees every year.   Mr. Forkan in reply stated that he would write, on behalf of SPC members, to the company that collected the wrapping.

Cllr. Mullaney asked that the consultants panel for on-site treatment systems be discussed at a future meeting.


Ms. Ronayne asked that a date be set for a workshop for SPC Members to review and comment on the Draft Beach Bye-Laws.   It was decided to set this date for Monday 27th February 2006 at 2 pm in Strandhill Business Park.  Cllr. Conmy suggested that absent members be contacted to confirm this date.

Cllr. O’Grady enquired whether similar bye-laws could apply to Mitchell Curley Park


It was decided to set a date for a workshop to review and comment on the Draft Illegal Signage Policy at the workshop for the Draft Beach Bye-Laws.   Members were also informed that the Planning SPC and Roads SPC would also be invited to attend this workshop.


Mr. Forkan gave a copy of a letter to members received by him from Mr. Jim O’Sullivan, Community Alliance Sligo requesting that his group attend the next Environment SPC meeting.  However, it was felt that this request be refused due to the legal implications of the Sligo Recycling court case.


Cllr. Conmy asked if the surveillance cameras to combat litter and waste offences had been purchased.   In reply, Mr. Byrne, Waste Enforcement Officer stated that money was secured for this purchase, however, they had not yet been purchased as Louth County Council had recently started using similar cameras and it was our intention to see how they were working first

The meeting concluded at 12.25 pm.

Meeting Date 16/02/2006